Special SLSA Art Call

How can we visually represent this conference theme—and, equally, the confluence of “colleagues in the sciences, engineering, technology, computer science, medicine, the social sciences, the humanities, the arts, and independent scholars and artists” that are the constituents of the SLSA? For a special 2019 exhibition connected to the annual conference, we are pursuing this question with a simple prompt.

What is the location of your experimental engagement?  

Please respond with the following:

  • One square JPEG image, at least 3000 pixels tall and wide. Consider that a location—a “particular place or position”—might be physical, virtual, or metaphorical. Your image might be an overview or a detail. It might be a photograph, a visualization, a diagram, or a drawing. Make a selection that balances representation with provocation.
  • A caption for your image. Tell us what we’re looking at, in as few words as possible.
  • One quotation of no more than 100 words from a source that inspires or otherwise informs your experimental engagement.
  • A citation for your quotation. Please use Chicago footnote style.

Submissions are encouraged from persons and collectives primarily engaged in art-making and, equally, other forms of scholarly work. This prompt is applicable to all of SLSA’s various contingents, and we hope to receive responses from and, ultimately, be able to visually present a representative cross-section of SLSA member creative activity.

This call is itself an experimental engagement, and we anticipate—and will appreciate—unexpected results. Final exhibition parameters will evolve in the face of the work we receive. Provisionally, however:

  • Up to fifty responses will be selected for exhibition and publication in an accompanying catalog.
  • Up to five responses will be selected for further curatorial elaboration in the form of additional images, text, and artifacts.



DEADLINE: MAY 15, 2019

MAY 01, 2019 : 

Please note that we have extended our deadline to May 15. 

Official exhibition information:

Experimental Engagements in Science, Literature, and the Arts
November 8-16, 2019
Viewpoint Gallery
University of California, Irvine