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New Book: Mind Apps

Posted on September 21, 2019

MindApps: Multistate Theory and Tools for Mind Design Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D. Part Street Press, Rochester, VT. “accessible in style and format” —  retired librarian   PROLOGUE: This book is about mental vastness. — page ix MAIN IDEA: Just as we can install digital apps in our electronic devices to add new functions and powers, Continue Reading »

New Book: Affective Materialities

Posted on September 21, 2019

We are excited to announce that Kara Watts, Robin Hackett, and myself (Molly Volanth Hall) have a new book out with University Press of Florida, titled Affective Materialities: Reorienting the Body in Modernist Literature. Affective Materialities reexamines modernist theorizations of the body and opens up the artistic, political, and ethical possibilities at the intersection of affect Continue Reading »

New Book: Towards a Digital Poetics

Posted on August 24, 2019

Free Preview © 2019 Towards a Digital Poetics Electronic Literature & Literary Games Authors: O’Sullivan, James Examines digital forms on their own terms rather than returning instinctively to well-worn analogue perspectives Looks at the woefully underexamined subject of electronic literature Takes an ontological approach through descriptive exploration rather than offering a prescriptive definition of electronic Continue Reading »

New Book: How the Universe Is Made

Posted on July 5, 2019

How the Universe Is Made Poems New & Selected 1985–2019 By Stephanie Strickland order book here or here . . . Strickland easily ranks among the most forward-looking, rigorous, and evocative poets writing today . . . perhaps the first serious poetry to explore the emerging implications of the digital age for poetics . . Continue Reading »

New Book: Hush: Media and Sonic Self-Control

Posted on March 31, 2019

From Mack Hagood: I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, Hush: Media and Sonic Self-Control (Duke University Press), which outlines how noise-cancelling headphones, tinnitus maskers, white noise machines, nature-sound mobile apps, and other forms of media give users the ability to create sonic safe spaces for themselves, showing how the desire to block Continue Reading »

New Book: Invisible Colors: The Arts of the Atomic Age

Posted on March 8, 2019

I am happy to announce that my book Invisible Colors: The Arts of the Atomic Age has just been published with MIT Press. The book focuses on the atomic age from the standpoint of the arts in the East and in the West from Marie Curie to Fukushima (also including uranium mining). By excavating these historical Continue Reading »

New Book: Words in Our World’s Literature

Posted on January 17, 2019

It’s really words written in your favorite writings, spoken in your favorite movies, and sung by your favorite singers. By Mark Corwin. It’s true! Your words easily connect with world famous writings and a lot more. Words in Our World’s Literature is where a little knowledge acquires a better understanding of your favorite writers, writings, Continue Reading »

Essay: Why listen to animals?

Posted on October 12, 2018

WHY LISTEN TO ANIMALS? Rachel Mundy Note: This essay appears simultaneously in the blog of the American Musicological Society, Musicology Now Some readers may recognize my question “Why Listen to Animals?” as a play on the title of John Berger’s essay “Why Look at Animals?,” which was printed in 1980 as the first chapter of his book, Continue Reading »

New Book: Intermedia, Fluxus and the Something Else Press

Posted on September 14, 2018

From Ken Friedman: It is a pleasure to send you this announcement for a new book by Dick Higgins — Intermedia, Fluxus and the Something Else Press: Selected Writings by Dick Higgins. Steve Clay of Granary Books and I edited this for Siglio Press, and Hannah Higgins contributed a marvelous personal memoir about Dick. You Continue Reading »

New Book: Literatures of Madness

Posted on September 14, 2018

From Elizabeth J. Donaldson: I’m very pleased to announce that the edited collection Literatures of Madness: Disability Studies and Mental Health is officially available in print and electronic form. Literatures of Madness: Disability Studies and Mental Health brings together scholars working in disability studies, mad studies, feminist theory, Indigenous studies, postcolonial theory, Jewish literature, queer studies, Continue Reading »