Special Issue – Hyperrhiz 21: Buzzademia

From Mark Marino:

Announcing the publication of our special issue: Hyperrhiz 21: Buzzademia, Scholarship in the Internet Vernacular!

This collection, edited by Kim Brillante Knight, Anne Cong-Huyen, and myself, is full of examples of scholarship in the common tongues of the web as well as great teaching materials. So, take a peek, if you’re interested in the realms of memes, quizzes, listicles, Twine games, Twitterbots, and many more genres as modes of scholarly discourse.   The collection includes teaching materials and examples of student work as well.

These works are excellent for classes on digital culture as well as critical theory, and many will give you a laugh or move you.

This has been a labor of love with Kim, Anne, and Helen J Burgess doing so much of the work! Grateful to have worked with them.

Take a look! And please, keep sharing your Buzzademic work!

Featuring contributions by:
Anne Cong-Huyen . Kim Brillante Knight
Mark C. Marino . Emily McGinn
Ben Jahre . Leonardo Flores
Adeline Koh . Andrew Carlos
Veronica Paredes . Kate Kennelly
Zizi Li . Aubrey Bauer
Elizabeth Losh . Ben Grosser
Olivia Banner . Sarah Whitcomb Laiola
Jennifer O’Meara . Dr. Academic Batgirl
Amber M. Buck . Liz Owens Boltz
Diana Brandon . Davin Heckman
Carly A. Kocurek . Allyson Whipple
D. Fox Harrell . Jennifer Roth Miller
Stephanie Vie . Megan Condis
Anastasia Salter . John Murray
Situated Critical Race & Media Collective (SCRAM)
Jill Walker Rettberg . Katie Manthey
Talan Memmott . Hong-An (Ann) Wu
Wendy Sung . Juan Llamas-Rodriguez
Matt Applegate . Claire Sewell
Spencer D. C. Kerali