New Book: Mind Apps

MindApps: Multistate Theory and Tools for Mind Design

Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.

Part Street Press, Rochester, VT.

“accessible in style and format” —  retired librarian

  PROLOGUE: This book is about mental vastness. — page ix


Just as we can install digital apps in our electronic devices to add new functions and powers, we can install mindapps in our brain-mind complex to add new functions and powers

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Endorsement for Mindapps by Tom Roberts

by Ben Sessa, MD

author of The Psychedelic Renaissance

Tom Roberts is a lot of things: a writer, an inspiration for people entering the world of psychedelic research, a trickster and a wizard. But above all, he is an educator. He has been in the game a long time, and his ideas and hypotheses are always worth listening to. In MindApps, Tom takes us once again into a world of creative hypotheses and unique narratives that force the reader to sit up and take notice. The concept of the mindapp as a new paradigm – something to replace the outdated concept of consciousness itself – is exactly the kind of approach that our contemporary techno-savvy society is in need of. I highly recommend this book. Read it. Then, years from now – when this is the stuff of mainstream scientific and cultural knowledge – you can say you were alongside the early pioneers of a new way of thinking about brain states, mind states and psychedelics.

Mindapps introduces these words and phrases:

single-state fallacy


mindbody state


multistate theory

central multistate research question


mind design


1. A Scent of Portent

  My Journey into Mind Design

    Stanford, Iceland, Kansas, and the DEA

2. Augmenting Human Intellect with Mindapps

Mindapps and metaintlligence

    Mindapps produce Multistate Theory

    Re-framing “consciousness”

     How does/do _____ vary from mindbody state to mindbody state?

3. Mind Design

Mindapp recipes invent new mindbody states

Brain-based Artificial Intelligence

Inventing new mindbody states and new cognitive processes

4. Mindapps for the Sciences



The “hard question” and the “impossible question”

Standard for judging empirical claims

Increasing our brains connectomes

Upgrading scientists’ minds

5. Layers of Meaning

Riding Grof ’s Bathyscaphe into Our Minds

Grof, has seen “a vaster panoply of human experience than anyone else in history.”

Remembering birth

Psychocriticism of A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Pink Floyd: The Wall, Snow White

Rhetoric of war

6. Save the Humanities!

“In June 2013, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) issued a report that bemoaned the sorry state of the humanities.”  — page 71

Psychedelics to the Rescue!

Psychedelic aesthetic theory

Creativity, altruism, well-being etc

Which word when?  — psychedelic, entheogen, empathegen

Banker and Poet (Wasson and Graves)

Ancient Rome and Athens

7. What Is Philosophy’s Greatest Opportunity?

Single-state fallacy

Sartre, Foucault, James, etc.

Achieving the Philosopher’s Mind

Philosophy also with — not just about — psychedelics (and other mindapps)

Studying reality, truth, beauty, goodness, sacredness, etc experimentally

8. The Entheogen Reformation

We are transitioning from an era of word-based religion to an era of experience-based religion

the nones, spiritual-but-not-religiious


Multistate Theory as a Vital Paradigm for the Future


Syllabus for a Psychedelic Class

taught 1981-2012 as Educational Psychology and

Honors Program Seminar


Psychedelics Without Borders, Inc.

Proposal for a Business Prospectus


Bicycle Day’s Beginning