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Ankarloo, Bengt, Stuart Clark, and E. William Monter. Witchcraft and Magic in Europe: The Period of the Witch Trials. London: Athlone, 2002.
Occult Sciences
Keywords: Aristotle | astrology | demons | devils | healing | Heinrich Corneilius Agrippa | hermeticism | inquisition | literature--18th C | literature—classical | magic | Occult Sciences | social sciences | witchcraft
Bartolomeo, Joseph F. Matched Pairs: Gender and Intertextual Dialogue in Eighteenth-century Fiction. Newark, NJ; Cranbury, NJ: University Delaware Press; Associated University Presses, 2002.
Social Sciences
Keywords: dialogue | gender studies | literature--18th C | social sciences
Chaouli, Michel. The Laboratory of Poetry: Chemistry and Poetics in the Work of Friedrich Schlegel. Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002.
Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Keywords: aesthetics | chemistry | Friedrich von Schlegel | literature--18th C | physical and mathematical sciences | poetry
Diana, Casey Mary. ‘Addicted to Pleasures': Representing Commodities of Empire and Consumerism in Eighteenth-century English Culture. Ph.D. Dissertation: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2001.
Keywords: addiction | Alexander Pope | Daniel Defoe | drama | literature--18th C | medicine | poetry | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences | Samuel Richardson
Dolan, Brian. Ladies of the Grand Tour: British Women in Pursuit of Enlightenment and Adventure in Eighteenth-century Europe . New York: HarperCollins, 2001.
Exploration Discovery & Travel
Keywords: exploration discovery & travel | gender studies | literature--18th C | social sciences
Douthwaite, Julia V. The Wild Girl, Natural Man, and the Monster: Dangerous Experiments in the Age of Enlightenment. Chicago: University Chicago Press, 2002.
Psychological & Cognitive Sciences
Keywords: anthropology | literature--18th C | philosophy | psychological and cognitive sciences
Ewalt, Margaret Russell. A Colonial Cabinet of Curiosities: Joseph Gumilla's "Wunderkammer. El Orinoco ilustrado" and the Rhetoric of Wonder. Ph.D. Dissertation: University of Virginia, UVA, 2001.
Rhetoric of Science
Keywords: anthropology | ethnography | geography | imperialism | Joseph Gumilla | literature--18th C | museums | narrative | natural history | paradigm | religion | rhetoric of science | Science Studies | visual arts—18th C
Fara, Patricia. "Vervielfältigtes Leben: Newtonianismus, Natürliche Theologie und die Debatte um die Vielzahl der Welten im 18. Jahrhundert." Science und Fiction II: Leben auf anderen Sternen. Ed. Thomas P. Weber. Frankfurt am Main: Fischer, 2004. 61-89.
Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Keywords: astronomy | Isaac Newton | literature--18th C | physical & mathematical sciences | theology
Greenfield, Susan C. Mothering Daughters: Novels and the Politics of Family Romance, Frances Burney to Jane Austen. Detroit, MI: Wayne State University Press, 2002.
Social Sciences
Keywords: Frances Burney | gender studies | Jane Austen | literature--18th C | maternity | Psychological & Cognitive Studies | social sciences
Hadley, Karen. “The Commodification of Time in Wordsworth's ‘Tintern Abbey’ 1500-1900.” Studies English Literature 42.4 (2002): 693-706.
Psychological & Cognitive Sciences
Keywords: literature--18th C | poetry | psychological and cognitive sciences | time | William Wordsworth
Lau, Beth. “Wordsworth and Current Memory Research.” Studies English Literature 1500-1900 42:4 (2002): 675-692.
Psychological & Cognitive Sciences
Keywords: literature--18th C | memory | psychological and cognitive sciences | William Wordsworth
Shearin, Gloria Aligood. Women and Rhetoric in the Republic of Letters. Ph.D.Dissertation: University of South Carolina, 2001.
Rhetoric of Science
Keywords: gender studies | Hannah Webster Foster | literature--18th C | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences | rhetoric of science | Susanna Haswell Rowson
Viviès, Jean. English Travel Narratives in the Eighteenth Century: Exploring Genres. Aldershot, UK; Brookfield VT: Ashgate, 2002.
Exploration Discovery & Travel
Keywords: exploration discovery & travel | literature--18th C
Wild, Wayne. Medicine-by-post in Eighteenth-century Britain: The Changing Rhetoric of Illness in Doctor-patient Correspondence and Literature . Ph.D. Dissertation: Brandeis University, 2001.
Keywords: criticism | George Cheyne | Herman Boerhaave | James Jurin | literature--18th C | medicine | metaphor | Scottish Enlightenment | social sciences | William Cullen