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Bibliography 2002

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SLSA 2002 Bibliography: Relations of Science to Literature and the Arts

     Susan Allender-Hagedorn, Virginia Tech

Associate Bibliographers

Elizabeth Throesh,

Allison Duschane, Duke University

Bibliography Committee
Jonathon Erlen, University of Pittsburgh
    Karl E. Gwiasda, Iowa State University

Connie Stovall, Virginia Tech


This bibliography lists publications that appeared in 2002 relevant to the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts.

The initial section,
Collections, identifies anthologies containing independent essays by a single author or by different authors. The specific essays in these volumes are listed individually under the appropriate category elsewhere in the bibliography and are cross-referenced to the parent work.

Succeeding sections of the bibliography are arranged by general subjects, including specific sciences:

Biological Sciences

Computers and Digital Sciences

Environmental Sciences

Explorations, Discovery, and Travel


Occult Sciences

Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Popular Sciences

Psychological and Cognitive Sciences

Rhetoric of Science

Science and Technology Studies

Social Sciences


Theory (disciplinary)

All 2002 Entries

Concluding the bibliography is an Index to the Scholars whose works are cited in the entries. Linked here is an Index to Subjects (names of people discussed in the cited entries) / Keywords. Any item from an index can be used to search the bibliography sections or the bibliography as a whole.

While care was taken to make the bibliography as comprehensive and accurate as possible, the editors remain resigned to the melancholy possibility that omissions and errors may have occurred nonetheless. We urge that readers notify us of any additions or corrections that are called for. Comments may be addressed to Susan Allender-Hagedorn at hagedors@vt.edu

On behalf of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts as well as for myself, I convey thanks to all the contributors for their labor and cooperation.