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King, Amy M. "Taxonomical Cures: The Politics of Natural History and Herbalist Medicine in Elizabeth Gaskell's Mary Barton." Romantic Science: The Literary Forms of Natural History. Studies in the Long Nineteenth Century. Ed. Noah Heringman. Albany, NY: State University New York Press, 2003. 255-70.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: Biological Sciences | Elizabeth Gaskell | herbalism | medicine | taxonomy
McNair, Alexander J. "Rosemary and Thyme in Lope De Vega's 'Cuando Las Secas Encinas.'" Calliope: Journal of the Society for Renaissance & Baroque Hispanic Poetry 9.2 (2003): 37-60.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: drama | herbalism | literature-16th C | Lope de Vega | medicine