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Antonsen, Christopher W. ‘Its character shall not be destroyed': Narrative, Heritage, and Tourism in the Plague Village. Ph.D. Dissertation: The Ohio State University, 2001.
Keywords: folklore | medicine | narrative | plague | tourism
Clément, Jean-François. “À propos de quelques sequences symboliques de couleurs dans deux formes de spiritualité musulmanes.” Horizons Maghrebins: Le Droit à la Mémoire 44 (2001): 113-135.
Occult Sciences
Keywords: alchemy | color | folklore | literature—general | literature—medieval | Occult Sciences
Deslauriers, Pierre. “African Magico-Medicine at Home and Abroad: Haitian Religious Traditions in a Neocolonial Setting: The Fiction of Dany Laferrière and Russell Banks.” In Scott (Collections), pp. 337-353. [2001]
Occult Sciences
Keywords: Dany Laferrière | folklore | medicine | Occult Sciences | Russell Banks
Dundes, Alan. Bloody Mary in the Mirror: Essays in Psychoanalytic Folkloristics. Jackson: University Press Mississippi, 2002.
Psychological & Cognitive Sciences
Keywords: folklore | music | psychoanalysis | psychological and cognitive sciences
Geller, M. J. “Freud, Magic and Mesopotamia : How the Magic Works.” Folklore 112 (October 2001): 1-7.
Occult Sciences
Keywords: folklore | magic | Occult Sciences | Sigmund Freud
George, Demetra. “Manuel I Komnenos and Michael Glykas: A Twelfth-Century Defence and Refutation of Astrology.” Culture and Cosmos 5 (Spring-Summer 2001): 3-48.
Occult Sciences
Keywords: astrology | folklore | Manuel I Comnenos | Michael Glykas | Occult Sciences
Giggie, John M. “'When Jesus Handed Me a Ticket': Images of Railroad Travel and Spiritual Transformation among African Americans.” In The Visual Culture of American Religions, David Morgan and Sally M. Promey, eds., 249-266. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2001.
Keywords: folklore | music | railroad | technology | visual arts—19th C
Granziara, Patrizia. “Pre-Hispanic Culture in Mexican Gardens.” Diaspora: Journal of the Annual Afro-Hispanic Literature and Culture Conference 11 (2001): 147-157.
Biological Sciences
Keywords: Biological Sciences | folklore | gardens
Hernandez, Marie Theresa Delirio. The Fantastic, the Demonic, and the Reel: The Buried History of Nuevo Leon. Austin: University Texas Press, 2002.
Psychological & Cognitive Sciences
Keywords: anthropology | folklore | native Americans | psychological and cognitive sciences | social sciences
Levy, Valerie. “'That Florida Flavor': Nature and Culture in Zora Neale Hurston's Work for the Federal Writers' Project.” In Edwards (Collections), pp. 85-94. [2001]
Social Sciences
Keywords: folklore | social sciences | Zora Neale Hurston
Miller, Thomas Ross. Songs from the House of the Dead: Sound, Shamans, and Collecting in the North Pacific (1900/2000). Ph.D. Dissertation: Columbia University, 2004.
Occult Sciences
Keywords: aesthetics | anthropology | culture studies | death | ethnography | exploration discovery & travel | folklore | Franz Boaz | identity | music | Occult Sciences | phonograph | shamans | social sciences | sound | supernatural | technology | theory
Morantz, Toby. “Plunder or Harmony? On Merging European and Native Views of Early Contact.” In Warkentin (Collections), pp. 48-67. [2001]
Exploration Discovery & Travel
Keywords: exploration discovery & travel | folklore | minority studies
Parry, Hugh . Visions of Enchantment: Essays on Magic in Fiction . Lanham, MD, Oxford: University Press of America, 2001.
Occult Sciences
Keywords: Euripides | folklore | Henri Bosco | John Fowles | literature—general | magic | mythology | Occult Sciences | William Shakespeare
Pavlik, Steve. "Rohonas and Spotted Lions: The Historical and Cultural Occurrence of the Jaguar, Panthera onca, among the Native Tribes of the American Southwest." Wicazo Sa Rev. 18:1 (Spring 2003): 157-175.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: Biological Sciences | folklore | mythology | native Americans | social sciences
Pharr, Mary. “Harry's Roots in Epic, Myth, and Folklore. In medias res: Harry Potter as Hero-in-progress.” In Whited (Collections): pp. 53-66. [2002]
Occult Sciences
Keywords: epics | folklore | J.K. Rowling | literature--children’s | magic | myth | Occult Sciences
Sarrazin, Natalie Rose. "Singing in Tejaji's Temple: Music and Ritual Trance Healing Performance in Rajasthan." Ph.D. Dissertation: University Maryland, College Park, 2003.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: anthropology | drama | folklore | medicine | music | mythology | narrative | ritual | social sciences | trance
Sugiyama, Michelle Scalise. “Narrative Theory and Function: Why Evolution Matters.” P&L 25 (2001): 233-250.
Biological Sciences
Keywords: Biological Sciences | evolution | folklore | narrative
Suranyi, Anna. Civil Turks and Wild Irish: Seventeenth-century Travel Literature and English National Identity. Ph.D. Dissertation: University of California, Los Angeles, 2001.
Exploration Discovery & Travel
Keywords: anthropology | exploration discovery & travel | folklore | gender studies | imperialism | literature--17th C
Svanberg, Ingvar. “Vattenodlorna I svensk folklig tradition: En studie I folklig biologi.” SLSF [note: Svenska Landsmal och Svenski Folkliv] 327 (2001): 81-90.
Biological Sciences
Keywords: Biological Sciences | folklore
van der Lugt, Maaike. “The Incubus in Scholastic Debate: Medicine, Theology and Popular Belief.” In Biller (Collections), pp. 175-200. [2001]
Keywords: dreams | folklore | literature—medieval | Macrobius | medicine | Popular Literature
Wezler, Albrecht. “'Psychedelic' Drugs as a Means to Mystical Experience: Aldous Huxley versus Indian Reality.” In Barfoot (Collections) pp. 191-220. [2001]
Keywords: Aldous Huxley | folklore | medicine
Whitekettle, Richard. “Where the Wild Things Are: Primary Level Taxa in Israelite Zoological Thought.” Journal for the Study of the Old Testament 93 (2001): 17-37.
Biological Sciences
Keywords: Biological Sciences | folklore | literature—biblical | zoology
York, Michael. “The Nature and Culture Debate in Popular Forms of Emergent Spirituality in America.” In Herzogenrath (Collections), pp. 277-296. [2001]
Popular Sciences
Keywords: Environmental Science | folklore | popular sciences | Sigmund Freud