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Applegate, Celia, and Pamela Potter. “Germans as the ‘People of Music’: Geneology of an Identity.” In Applegate (Collections): pp. 1-35. [2002]
Social Sciences
Keywords: Felix Mendelssohn | Ferruccio Busoni | folk music | George Frederic Handel | Hans Pfitzner | jazz | Johann Sebastian Bach | Johannes Brahms | Ludwig van Beethoven | nazism | Richard Wagner | Robert Schumann | social sciences | Thomas Mann | Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Bohlman, Philip V. “Landscape—Region—Nation—Reich: German Folk Song in the Nexus of National Identity.” Applegate (Collections): pp. 105-127. [2002]
Environmental Sciences
Keywords: environmental sciences | folk music | nazism | Richard Wagner | social sciences
Campbell, Bruce. “’Kein Schöner Land’: The Spielschar Ekkehard and the Struggle to Define German National Identity in the Weimar Republic.” In Applegate (Collections): pp. 128-139. [2002]
Social Sciences
Keywords: folk music | Richard Wagner | social sciences
Scheub, Harold. The Poem in the Story: Music, Poetry, and Narrative. Madison, WI: University Wisconsin Press, 2002.
Rhetoric of Science
Keywords: folk music | oral tradition | poetry | rhetoric of science