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Calvin, William H. A Brain for All Seasons: Human Evolution and Abrupt Climate Change. Chicago: University Chicago Press, 2002.
Biological Sciences
Keywords: Biological Sciences | climate | evolution | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences
Dorn, Michael Leverett. "Climate, Alcohol, and the American Body Politic: The Medical and Moral Geographies of Daniel Drake (1785--1852)." Ph.D. Dissertation: University Kentucky, 2003.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: | climate | environmental sciences | geography | medicine | rhetoric of science
Fagan, Brian M. The Long Summer: How Climate Changed Civilization. New York: Basic Books, 2004.
Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Keywords: adaptation | anthropology | climate | culture studies | ice age | narrative | physical & mathematical sciences | science & technology studies | social sciences
FalerSweany, Margaret Louise. A Rhetoric of Deliberative Decision-making: The Rhetorical Situation in Global Climate Change Hearings. Ph.D. Dissertation: Michigan Technological University, 2001.
Rhetoric of Science
Keywords: climate | environmental sciences | hueristic | Lloyd F. Bitzer | physical & mathematical sciences | rhetoric of science
Keegan, Bridget. "Snowstorms, Shipwrecks, and Scorching Heat: The Climates of Eighteenth-Century Laboring-Class Locodescriptive Poetry." Isle: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 10.1 (2003): 75-96.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: climate | environmental sciences | exploration, discovery, and travel | literature-18th C | poetry | shipwrecks
Keller, Ann Campbell. Good Science, Green Policy: The Role of Scientists in Environmental Policy in the United States. Ph.D. Dissertation: University of California, Berkeley, 2001.
Social Sciences
Keywords: acid rain | climate | environmental sciences | rhetoric of science | Science Studies | social sciences
Krajnc, Anita. Green Learning: The Role of Scientists and the Environmental Movement. Ph.D. Dissertation: University of Toronto, 2001.
Environmental Sciences
Keywords: Biological Sciences | climate | environmental sciences | rhetoric of science | social sciences