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Cowan, Ruth Schwartz. “Medicine, Technology, and Gender in the History of Prenatal Diagnosis.” In Creager (Collections), pp. 186-196. [2001]
Keywords: childbirth | gender studies | medicine
De Renzo-Huter, Lauretta. Maternity and Matricide in the Works of Carlo Emilio Gadda: A Kristevan Approach . Ph.D. Dissertation: University of Oregon, 2001.
Science & Technology Studies
Keywords: Biological Sciences | Carlo Emilio Gadda | childbirth | Julia Kristeva | narrative | rhetoric of science | science and technology studies | theory
Herrle-Fanning, Jeanette. Of Forceps and Folios: Eighteenth-century British Midwifery Publications and the Construction of Professional Identity. Ph.D. Dissertation: City University New York, 2004.
Keywords: authority | childbirth | epistemology | gender studies | literature—18th C | medicine | midwives | obstetrics | printing | reproduction | rhetoric of science | social sciences | technology
Park, Maureen. “Dürer's The Birth of the Virgin : Art and Midwifery in 16th Century Nuremberg.” Lancet 358 (2001): 1265-1267.
Keywords: Albrecht Dürer | childbirth | medicine
Prosperi, Adriano. “Science and the Theological Imagination in the Seventeenth Century: Baptism and the Origins of the Individual.” In Ditchfield (Collections), pp. 206-231. [2001]
Keywords: childbirth | medicine
Ropp, Cyd Charise. The Rhetoric of Childbirth: A Burkean Analysis of Medical Demarcation in the Trial of a California Midwife. Ph.D. Dissertation: University Memphis, 2001.
Keywords: anthropology | childbirth | gender studies | Kenneth Burke | medicine | midwifery | rhetoric of science | Science Studies