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Finch, Miriam R., and Linda S. Welker. “Informed Organizational Improvisation: A Metaphor and Method for Understanding, Anticipating, and Performatively Constructing the Organizations Precrisis Environment.” Responding to Crisis: A Rhetorical Approach to Crisis Communication. Eds. Robert L. Heath, and Dan P. Miller. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum, 2004. 189-201.
Rhetoric of Science
Keywords: anticipation | crisis | improvisation | metaphor | modeling | rhetoric of science
Park, Joon-Sung. Literary Reflections of the Future War: A Study of Interwar Soviet Literature of Military Anticipation. Ph.D. Dissertation: University Michigan, 2004.
Psychological & Cognitive Sciences
Keywords: anticipation | ideology | Josef Stalin | literature—20th C | Nikolai Shpanov | Petr Pavlenko | politics | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences | social sciences | socialism | theory | war