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Jardine, Lisa. “Monuments and Microscopes: Scientific Thinking on a Grand Scale in the Early Royal Society.” Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 55 (2001): 289-308.
Keywords: architecture | Christopher Wren | Robert Hooke | Royal Society | technology
Linden, Stanton J. “Margaret Cavendish and Robert Hooke: Optics and Scientific Fantasy in The Blazing World .” In Ésoterisme, Gnoses and Imaginaire Symbolique , Richard Caron and Joscelyn Godwin, eds., 611-623. Louvain, Belgium: Peeters, 2001.
Physical & Mathematical Sciences
Keywords: Margaret Cavendish | optics | physical and mathematical sciences | Robert Hooke | science fiction
Neri, Janice L. "Fantastic Observations: Images of Insects in Early Modern Europe." Ph.D. Dissertation: University California, Irvine, 2003.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: Biological Sciences | cabinets of curiosity | entymology | Joris Hoefnagel | Maria Sibylla Merian | Robert Hooke | Thomas Moffet | Ulisse Aldrovandi | visual arts-16th, 17th C