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Kemple, Thomas M. “The Trials of Homo Clausus: Elias, Weber, and Goethe on the Sociogenesis of the Modern Self.” In Salumets (Collections), pp. 137-148. [2001]
Social Sciences
Keywords: Johann W. von Goethe | Max Weber | Norbert Elias | social sciences
Kuzmics, Helmut. “On the Relationship between Literature and Sociology in the Work of Norbert Elias.” In Salumets ( Collections ), pp. 116-136. [2001]
Keywords: Norbert Elias | social sciences | theory
Teucher, Ulrich C. “Writing in the Face of Death: Norbert Elias and Autobiographies of Cancer.” In Salumets (Collections), pp. 159-174. [2001]
Keywords: biography | cancer | death and dying | medicine | Norbert Elias