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Baehr, Peter. “The ‘Iron Cage' and the ‘Shell as Hard as Steel': Parsons, Weber and the stahlhartes Gehause Metaphor in The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism .” History and Theory 40 (May 2001): 153-169.
Rhetoric of Science
Keywords: Max Weber | metaphor | rhetoric of science | social sciences | Talcott Parsons
Chalcraft, David. “Max Weber on the Watchtower: On the Prophetic Use of Shakespeare's Sonnet 102 in ‘Politics as a Vocation.'” Max Weber Studies nos. 1-2 (2001): 215-230.
Social Sciences
Keywords: Max Weber | social sciences | William Shakespeare
de La Fuente, Eduardo. “La filosofia weberiana del profeta e il compositore d'avanguardia.” Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia 42 (2001): 523-540.
Social Sciences
Keywords: Max Weber | music | social sciences
Fuller, Steve. “The Reenchantment of Science: A Fit End to the Science Wars?” In Ashman (Collections), pp. 183-208. [2001]
Science & Technology Studies
Keywords: Max Weber | science and technology studies
Gane, Nicholas, Max Weber and Postmodern Theory: Rationalization Versus Re-enchantment. New York: Palgrave, 2002.
Keywords: Max Weber | postmodernism | science & technology studies | theory
Kemple, Thomas M. “The Trials of Homo Clausus: Elias, Weber, and Goethe on the Sociogenesis of the Modern Self.” In Salumets (Collections), pp. 137-148. [2001]
Social Sciences
Keywords: Johann W. von Goethe | Max Weber | Norbert Elias | social sciences
Koshul, Basit Bilal. "Weber's Disenchantment Thesis Revisited: A Postmodern Possibility of the Religious Significance of Scientific Rationality." Ph.D. Dissertation: Drew University, 2003.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: culture studies | Enlightenment | Max Weber | philosophy | postmodernism | rationalism | religion | secularism | social sciences | theory
MacPherson, Ryan Cameron. "The Vestiges of Creation and America's Pre-Darwinian Evolution Debates: Interpreting Theology and the Natural Sciences in Three Academic Communities." Ph.D. Dissertation: University Notre Dame, 2003.
Literature, Science & the Arts
Keywords: Biological Sciences | Charles Darwin | culture studies | Darwinism | evolution | Max Weber | Paul Tillich | religion | rhetoric of science | Robert Chambers | Robert Merton | social sciences
Schroeder, Ralph. “Weber, Pynchon, and the American Prospect.” Max Weber Studies nos. 1-2 (May 2001): 161-177.
Social Sciences
Keywords: Max Weber | social sciences | Thomas Pynchon
Walker, Gavin. “Society and Culture in Sociological and Anthropological Tradition.” Hist Human Sci 14, no. 3 (2001): 30-55.
Rhetoric of Science
Keywords: Max Weber | rhetoric of science | social sciences
Webster, Charles. “Paracelsus, Paracelsianism, and the Secularization of the Worldview.” Science in Context 15:1 (March 2002): 9-27.
Occult Sciences
Keywords: capitalism | disease | hermetics | magic | Max Weber | medicine | neo-Platonic | Occult Sciences | Paracelsus | religion | social sciences | Theophrast von Hohenheim | theory | witchcraft