SLSA 2019: Experimental Engagements —  November 7-11, UC Irvine, California

In the past two meetings, SLSA has taken a close look at how we use concepts of time and mind to regulate our relation to the world. For SLSA 2019, we want to turn our attention towards embodied and experimental practices that engage with a world out of balance. We are especially interested in speculative and experimental engagements that take place at the margins of art, science, and literature.

A few of the concerns we imagine might be addressed at SLSA 2019 include:

• How new aesthetics and ethics of social engagement arise within individual lives and specific communities of practice

• How speculative practices tangle with reigning ideals of the utopic, communitarian, and transcendental

• How experimental practices may require working in stealth mode

• How marginal practices are defined as such, and how that can be changed

• How social media reframes the errors, failures, and missteps of experimentation as well as the possibilities of success

• How experimental practices differ from other forms of knowledge-building or making

• How counter-dominant forms and practices are attenuated or even flipped through normalization

• How engagement avoids such pitfalls as addressing symptoms rather than causes, or devolving into propaganda

• How practices and ideas written off by those in power as minor, obsolete, trivial, narrow, or crazy find a toehold

• How it might be necessary to change how we teach art, science, and literature to future generations

• How it is possible to transformatively address the center from the periphery

Submissions [Link coming]

For individual papers, contributors should submit a 250-word abstract along with title and affiliation. Pre-organized panels submissions, which might include three or four papers per panel, should include an additional paragraph describing the rubric and proposed title of the panel. Roundtables, creative contributions, alternative format panels, and the like are encouraged. As usual, we request that you limit yourselves whenever possible to ONE proposal so that we are able to include as many participants as possible (exceptions will be made for those submitting to more than one format, e.g. panel, roundtable, exhibition, workshop).

SLSA Membership: Participants in the 2019 Conference must be 2019 members of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. For more information about joining SLSA, visit the organization’s website at