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2009 Fall

Newsletter of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts         

Fall 2009, Vol. 18, No.3


240 attendees from 11 countries participated in the SLSA  conference
sessions at the Hotel Midtown and the Georgia Tech Global Learning
Center held November 5-8, 2009. Panelists presented papers in
approximately 72 breakout sessions and attended Wendy Wheeler’s guest
scholar session and Ian Bogost’s plenary address at the 23rd annual
meeting. Sponsors for included Georgia Tech’s School of Literature,
Communication, and Culture and the Center for the Study of Women,
Science, and Technology and Emory University’s Departments of English
and Women’s Studies, Program in Science and Society, and Fox Center for
Humanistic Inquiry. Richard Nash organized the program, and Carol
Colatrella served as site coordinator, assisted by Emory’s Laura Otis
and Elizabeth Wilson and Georgia Tech’s Anne Pollock, Carl DiSalvo,
Irina Nikiforova, and Kyle Hiddleson. Emory and Georgia Tech students
and faculty, including Claire Laville, Anthony Cooke, Maureen McCarthy,
Elizabeth Bishop, Sherry Brown, Elizabeth Freudenthal, Tiffany Tsao,
Karen Head, Bob Blaskiewicz, and Irene Middleton, also volunteered.
Thanks to all and also to volunteers Catherine Day and Erin Thaler for
donating their time. 
President's Report: Alan Rauch reported on his interest in establishing
endowment funds for the society and indicated ACLS has not yet endorsed
SLSA as an affiliated member. New Members-at-large John Bruni and Kevin
LaGrandeur, replacing Phillip Thurtle, were introduced to the executive
committee and to the membership present at the evening business
meeting.The SLSA Financial Report, prepared by Carol Colatrella, was
shared at the conference and is attached .Conference Reports    *SLSA
2008, Charlotte: Alan Rauch reported there were approximately 230
attendees from 11 countries
                and that the conference expenses were about $7,000 more
than the amount collected from
                registration fees and institutional contributions.
    *SLSA 2009, Atlanta: Richard Nash noted the effectiveness of the
electronic submission database for 
               organizing the program; Colatrella reported on logistical
and financial arrangements.     Future Conferences     *EU SLSA, Riga
(2010), a call for papers is attached. Bruce Clarke reported on plans
for London (2012).
    *SLSA 2010: Organized by Richard Nash with Elizabeth Wilson, Emory,
Program Chair. SLSA 2010 is
              tentatively scheduled to take place in Indianapolis, IN,
October 28-31, 2010. We are hoping to
              have the 25th anniversary meeting (2011) in Baltimore or
Washington to highlight our connections
              with Johns Hopkins University Press. Members in the
MD/VA/DC area interested in helping to plan
              this anniversary meeting should contact Laura Otis
(lotis@emory.edu).Configurations report: Alan Rauch, editor, encourages
reciprocal advertising with other journals and indicated the
significance of the journal in promoting membership. He asks members to
send him contact information about societies/journals that might be
interested in reciprocal advertising with Configurations. Members should
ask their respective presses to advertise in Configurations. Hugh
Crawford plans to step down as editor after completed the 2009 volumes.
Bruce Clarke is heading up the transition and was proposed and approved
by the executive committee as editor of Configurations, beginning
January 2010. 
The Executive Committee appointed the following SLSA members to serve
three-year terms as members of the Publications Committee:  Elizabeth
Wilson, Rob Mitchell, and Ron Broglio, who will begin by reviewing
nominations and self-nominations from members interested in serving as
Configurations book review editor.The Nomination Committee (for new
officer & member at large to serve beginning fall 2010) will consist of
Bruce Clarke and members-at-large Aden Evens, Kevin LaGrandeur, and John
Bruni. All interested members should send nominations or
self-nominations to Bruce Clarke (bruce.clarke@ttu.edu) or other members
of the committee.
Bibliographer's Report: Sue Hagedorn indicated progress on next volume
and a speeding up of schedule.
Electronic Resources Coordinator's Report: Wayne Miller reported on the
construction of the conference database and the recent hacking of the
site, now forestalled.SLSA-related book series: Alan Rauch expressed
interest in receiving manuscripts for the book series Intersections in
Literature and Science published by University of Wales Press. Phillip
Thurtle edits the University of Washington Press series In Vivo: The
Cultural Mediations of Biomedical Science.New business at Executive
Committee meeting: 
Travel Awards: Laura Otis raised the issue of the number of Travel
Awards. She and Carol Colatrella will collaborate on a proposal to
consider revising guidelines for the awards.
Bruns Essay Prize: Kate Hayles proposed increasing the amount she will
donate in 2010 and future years to the Bruns prize. The new prize amount
will be $500. The SLSA website will be updated to reflect the new
Pacific SLSA: The Executive Committee briefly discussed the proposal
submitted by Symbiotica indicating that there is a Pacific SLSA in
formation with plans to launch at a February 2013 conference in Perth,

Facebook Group 


Jamie Bono of the University of Pittsburgh has set up a Facebook site
for the organization. SLSA members interested in joining can connect at




SLSA provides a limited number of travel subventions to the annual
conference for individuals, generally non-tenured scholars and artists.
This year the following individuals received awards of $200 each:
Katherine Behar, Catherine Day, Lina Dib, Eva Hayward, Patrick Jagoda,
Kim Lacey, Andreia Olivera, Clarissa Lee, Christopher Miller, Cara
Miller, Jennifer Spiegel, Jameson Bell, Kersti Powell, Kimberly Knight,
Anton Borst, and Kinga Araya.




At this year’s conference a number of prizes were awarded for
outstanding scholarly achievements. The Bruns Essay Prize for the best
essay written by a graduate student member was awarded to Stephanie
Boluk for her essay “Seriality, the Literary and Database in Homestar
Runner: Some Old Issues in New Media.” Honorable mentions were awarded
to Patrick Jagoda’s “Clacking Control Societies: Steampunk, History, and
the Difference Engine of Escape” and Patrick LeMieux’s “Pipe Bomb:
Exploding the Code in the Work of René Magritte and Jodi.” Eugene
Thacker served as judge for the prize.


The Schachterle Essay Prize for the best published or forthcoming essay
by a non-tenured member was shared this year by Allison de Fren for her
essay “The Anatomical Gaze in Tomorrow’s Eve, Science Fiction Studies,
v.18, and Mara Mills for her essay “Deaf Jam: From Inscription to
Reproduction to Information,” to be published in Social Text, v.102.
Susan McHugh and Blake Leland judged the Schachterle Prize.


The Michelle Kendrick Book Prize for the best book by a society member
published in 2008 was awarded to Stefan Andriopoulos for his book
Possessed: Hypnotic Crimes, Corporate Fiction, and the Invention of
Cinema (University of Chicago Press, 2008; original German version: Fink
2000). Robert Markley chaired the committee and Melissa Littlefield
served as a member.





Comments at Wrap-Up Meeting, Sunday November 8, 2009
About thirty conference participants attended the wrap-up session and
mentioned aspects of the meeting that went well or those issues that
could be improved at the future conferences. Panels and talks were
considered interesting, thoughtful, and well-organized, although in a
handful of cases were not well attended. Some participants in the
wrap-up meeting noted their preference for organizers to structure the
next conference according to a topic or by delineating panel streams for
Others at the wrap-up meeting expressed preferences for a more flexible
conference structure, and one participant indicated that fewer
concurrent sessions might increase the audience size in certain panels.
Other participants noted that more presenters should participate in
concurrent roundtables organized on particular topics of interest; such
roundtables could be held in one large room and promote small group
discussion. Presenting at a roundtable would still enable individuals to
receive institutional support for travel. Some mentioned the benefits of
short slide presentations (20 slides in under 7 minutes). Others noted
that sessions could be structured around readings of current interest.
The creative writers present pointed out that using the listserv helped
them to organize their panels and suggested that panel organizers should
use this mechanism to email potential panel/roundtable topics to the
membership. A couple of participants considered options for presenting
artworks in secure, accessible locations at the conference. 
Mechanisms for providing the right size room for each session and for
promoting attendance in all panels were also considered by the group.
Inviting scientists and others from outside the society to serve as
plenary speakers at future meetings was suggested.
Participants generally commented favorably on the hotel’s size, staff,
and venue and praised the food and other refreshments, particularly
Sunday breakfast, while noting preferences for optional beverages. Some
noted that times for plenary talks could be varied during the
conference; for example, one participant indicated that a sit-down lunch
with a speaker might offer an alternative to evening plenary sessions.
Others indicated that one plenary session might be enough for the
conference, and another mentioned preferring no plenary sessions.
Participants agreed that the “work” of the conference depends on
socializing over cookies and at receptions.
Members were reminded to book their rooms at the conference hotel as
their bookings affect the cost of the conference, which should be
supported from registration revenues and society subsidy as many
institutions do not have funds to contribute to such scholarly meetings.
The increasing amounts of conference expenses for audio-visual equipment
were discussed, and future organizers were encouraged to explore
establishing a relationship with a vendor.
SLSA was praised for providing travel funds to graduate students and
other underfunded individuals. Conference organizers were encouraged to
explore connecting the meeting to its host community. Members were
encouraged to read Configurations online and to encourage/require their
students to do the same.

Subscription information for LITSCI-L: 
To subscribe, send a plain-text email message to sympa@duke.edu with the
following in the body of the message: 
subscribe LITSCI-L 
The list archive and additional subscription information, including how
to receive the digest format, are available at:




To join or to renew membership, please see
http://press.jhu.edu/cgi-bin/associations/sls_membership.cgi, or call
Johns Hopkins University Press Journals at 800 548 1784 (US & Canada
only, all others call 410 516 6987). Mon-Fri 8-am-5pm FAX 410 516 6968.
Email: jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu. 


Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Executive Board, 2009-10


President: Alan Rauch, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Executive Director: Carol Colatrella, Georgia Institute of Technology

First Vice-President: Richard Nash, University of Indiana

Second Vice-President: Laura Otis, Emory University

Members-at-Large: Aden Evens, Dartmouth College; John Bruni, South
Dakota School of Mines and 

Technology; Kevin LaGrandeur, New York Institute of Technology


Past Presidents: 

Bruce Clarke, Texas Tech University; Eve Keller, Fordham University; Jay
Labinger, California Institute of Technology; T. Hugh Crawford, Georgia
Tech; Susan Squier, Penn State; Sidney Perkowitz, Emory University;
Stuart Peterfreund, Northeastern University; James J. Bono,
SUNY-Buffalo; N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA; Mark Greenberg, Drexel
University; Lance Schachterle, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Stephen
J. Weininger, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Editors of Configurations:

T. Hugh Crawford, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alan Rauch, University of North Carolina-Charlotte (arauch@uncc.edu)

(incoming January 2010) Bruce Clarke, Texas Tech University


Bibliographer: Sue Hagedorn, Virginia Tech (hagedors@vt.edu)

Electronic Resources Coordinator: Wayne Miller, Duke University


The Executive Director can be reached by phone at (404) 894-1241 or by
e-mail at carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu.


Carol Colatrella

Executive Director, SLSA

Literature, Communication, and Culture

Georgia Institute of Technology

686 Cherry Street

Atlanta, GA  30332-0165


SLSA websites: http://www.litsciarts.org and http://slsa.press.jhu.edu



Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts, Financial Report,
Prepared by Carol Colatrella, Executive Director, October 12, 2009


Balance on hand 9/30/08:           Wachovia Bank, Atlanta               

                                                Wachovia CDs            

                                               Sovereign Bank, Worcester



Income:    Dues & donations: SLSA share from Hopkins UP                 

                 Configurations 2006 and 2007 dividends                 

                 Wachovia Bank Interest on CDs                          

                 SLSA 2008 Conference Donation                          

                 Donations: book & essay prizes                         

                                                            TOTAL INCOME

                 Gift (Donated payment of     MA incorporation fee)     


Expenses: Conferences—SLSA Charlotte 2008 essay prizes                  

                        SLSA Charlotte 2008 travel awards               

SLSA Charlotte 2008 conference subsidy                                  

                        SLSA 2009 Atlanta website                       

subtotal                           13,750.00  


                Executive Director annual stipend       & travel        


                EU SLSA 2008 subsidy                                    


                Decodings (1 issue)—duplication                         


subtotal                            727.68


                Accountant: tax prep & financial statement/ACLS         


                Bank fees                                               

                                                TOTAL EXPENSES          

                                       (uncashed $3,000)


Balance on hand 9/30/09    Wachovia Bank account, Atlanta      

                                            Wachovia CDs                

                                            Sovereign Bank, Worcester   

                                                         TOTAL BALANCE  


Total Members                        2008              2009         

      Benefactor                             6                 4  

      Gratis                                    6                 6

      Individual Member                324              246             
   (205 US/9 Canada/25 Europe/8 Other)

      Joint Memberships                  3                  6           

      Patron Member                     2                  3            

      Pension Member                   16               10             

      Sponsor                                6                  4       

      Student                                123                92      
         (74 US/7 Canada/4 Europe/7 Other)

      (Institution   )                          0                  0

Total individuals                         486               371         
      as of 9/30/09