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2009 Summer

Newsletter of the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts         

Summer 2009, Vol. 18, No.2

*SLSA 2009, Atlanta

*Travel Awards and Prizes 


*SLSA Bibliography

*Facebook Group

*Directions for Subscribing to LITSCI-L, SLSA Listserv

*Renewing Membership


SLSA 2009: "Decodings," Atlanta
The 23rd annual SLSA meeting will be held November 5-8, 2009, in
Atlanta, Georgia, at the Hotel Midtown on 10th St. and the Georgia Tech
Global Learning and Conference Center. Sponsors include Georgia
Tech’s School of Literature, Communication, and Culture and Center
for the Study of Women, Science, and Technology; and Emory University's
English Department, Program in Science and Society, and Department of
Women's Studies. 


Information about Atlanta, the conference hotel, and registration
appears at http://www.litsci.org/slsa09/.  The general conference
schedule is posted at http://litsciarts.org/slsa09/schedule.php


The conference theme is "decodings," with all its possible
referents, including: Do we decode nature, or are natural processes
already full of encoding/decoding mechanisms along the lines of DNA? Is
a digital representation a decoding of analog nature, or must we decode
the digital to understand what is lost in quantizing natural continua?


The June 1 deadline for proposals has passed, but as long as the program
committee can find an appropriate space on the program, submissions
received after the stated deadline will be reviewed on a case-by-case
basis.  Richard Nash (nash@indiana.edu) chairs the program committee,
and Carol Colatrella (carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu) is the site
chair; she is working with Carl DiSalvo, Laura Otis, Anne Pollock, and
Elizabeth Wilson on conference arrangements.

Featured conference speakers include:

Wendy Wheeler, Reader in English, London Metropolitan University, will
present a guest scholar session on "Creative Evolution: Science and
Belief" on Thursday evening, November 5, at 7pm at the Hotel

Ian Bogost, Georgia Tech, will present the conference plenary talk,
titled "Alien Phenomenology: A Pragmatic Speculative Realism"
on Friday, November 6, at 7pm at the Georgia Tech Global Learning and
Conference Center. Bogost is a videogame researcher, critic, and
designer, as well as an author and an entrepreneur. He is an associate
professor in the School of Literature Communication and Culture at
Georgia Tech, a Founding Partner at Persuasive Games, and a Board Member
at the educational publisher Open Texture. He is the author of Racing
the Beam: The Atari Video Computer System (with Nick Montfort, MIT,
2009) Persuasive Games (MIT, 2007), and Unit Operations (MIT, 2006). His
next book, tentatively titled What Video Games Can Do, will be published
in early 2010. (See www.bogost.com). 


Jim Grimsley, award-winning playwright and novelist will read during a
writers' session to be held 5-7pm on Saturday, November 7 at the Hotel
Midtown. See http://literati.net/Grimsley/.



SLSA provides a limited number of travel awards for under-funded
individuals attending the annual conference. Members of SLSA who
participate in the annual conference may apply for travel subventions.
An applicant should email name, title of SLSA presentation, any
information about funding for the conference, and an indication of how
long one has been a member to Carol Colatrella at
carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu by September 1. SLSA officers will
review the applications and approve funds for one to three individuals.
Each person awarded funds will be presented with a check at the


The Bruns Graduate Essay Prize, in honor of Edward F. Bruns, is awarded
annually to the best essay written by a graduate student member of the
Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. Graduate students wishing
to have their essays considered for the $250 prize should submit them by
September 1 to N. Katherine Hayles, Department of English, Duke
University, via electronic mail to katherine.hayles@duke.edu. Please
send a copy of your formatted essay as a PDF or Word file, or send a
pointer to a URL where the essay is posted. 


Lance Schachterle, founding president of the society, established an
annual prize of $250 in honor of his parents to recognize the best new
essay on literature and science written in English by an untenured
scholar. Eligible authors wishing to submit essays (published or
accepted for publication) should send them prior to September 1 to the
SLSA Executive Director, Carol Colatrella, LCC, Georgia Institute of
Technology via electronic mail to carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu.
Please send a copy of your formatted essay as a PDF or Word file, or
send a pointer to a URL where the essay is posted. 


SLSA holds an annual competition for Michelle Kendrick Memorial Book
Prize, awarded each year to the best academic book on literature,
science, and the arts published by an SLSA member. Established in the
fall of 2006 in memory of Michelle Kendrick of Washington State
University-Vancouver, an energetic, well-loved scholar of literature and
science and long-time member of SLSA, the Kendrick Prize is open to any
book of original scholarship on literature, science, and the arts
published in 2008. The winner will receive $250.00.  

Submissions were due by June 1, 2009. Donations for the Kendrick Prize
(checks made out to SLSA, with Kendrick Prize in memo) can be sent to
Carol Colatrella, SLSA Executive Director, LCC, Georgia Tech, 686 Cherry
Street, Atlanta, GA 30332-0165 

Note: all of the awards described above are presented during the
Business Meeting of the annual fall conference. One may submit only one
entry to one of the two essay prize competitions. 


Editors Hugh Crawford and Alan Rauch report a new system of copy-editing
is speeding up the publication process. New guidelines for authors
appear at
Submissions for articles to Rauch are encouraged. Send suggestions of
books to be reviewed to Ron Broglio (ron.broglio@lcc.gatech.edu).
Remember that web-hits to the journal generate revenue, so referring
students to relevant articles in the journal for them to download
(rather than, say, duplicating and distributing those articles) is not
only sound pedagogic practice, but a material benefit to SLSA.

SLSA Bibliography


Members should send Sue Hagedorn any citations for their books, journal
articles, and other published materials in literature, science, and the
arts. Her email is hagedors@vt.edu.


Facebook Group 


Jamie Bono of the University of Pittsburgh has set up a Facebook site
for the organization. SLSA members interested in joining can connect at



Subscription information for LITSCI-L: 
To subscribe, send a plain-text email message to sympa@duke.edu with the
following in the body of the message: 
subscribe LITSCI-L 
The list archive and additional subscription information, including how
to receive the digest format, are available at:



To join or to renew membership, please see
http://press.jhu.edu/cgi-bin/associations/sls_membership.cgi, or call
Johns Hopkins University Press Journals at 800 548 1784 (US & Canada
only, all others call 410 516 6987). Mon-Fri 8-am-5pm FAX 410 516 6968.
Email: jrnlcirc@press.jhu.edu. 



Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts Executive Board, 2008-09


President: Alan Rauch, University of North Carolina-Charlotte

Executive Director: Carol Colatrella, Georgia Institute of Technology

First Vice-President: Richard Nash, University of Indiana

Second Vice-President: Laura Otis, Emory University

Members-at-Large: Aden Evens, Dartmouth College, and Phillip Thurtle,
University of Washington


Past Presidents: 

Bruce Clarke, Texas Tech University; Eve Keller, Fordham University; Jay
Labinger, California Institute of Technology; T. Hugh Crawford, Georgia
Tech; Susan Squier, Penn State; Sidney Perkowitz, Emory University;
Stuart Peterfreund, Northeastern University; James J. Bono,
SUNY-Buffalo; N. Katherine Hayles, UCLA; Mark Greenberg, Drexel
University; Lance Schachterle, Worcester Polytechnic Institute; Stephen
J. Weininger, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


Editors of Configurations:

T. Hugh Crawford, Georgia Institute of Technology

Alan Rauch, University of North Carolina-Charlotte (arauch@uncc.edu)


Bibliographer: Sue Hagedorn, Virginia Tech (hagedors@vt.edu)

Electronic Resources Coordinator: Wayne Miller, Duke University


The Executive Director can be reached by phone at (404) 894-1241 or by
e-mail at carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu.


Carol Colatrella

Executive Director, SLSA

Literature, Communication, and Culture

Georgia Institute of Technology

686 Cherry Street

Atlanta, GA  30332-0165


SLSA websites: http://www.litsciarts.org and http://slsa.press.jhu.edu