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AnthropoScene is a book series published in collaboration with the Society for Literature, Science, and the Arts. While not all scientists have accepted the term “anthropocene” as part of the geological timescale, the idea that humans are changing the planet and its environments in radical and irreversible ways has provoked new kinds of cross-disciplinary thinking about relationships among the arts, human technologies, and nature. This is the broad, cross-disciplinary basis for books published in AnthropoScene.

Books in this series include specialized studies for scholars in a variety of disciplines as well as widely accessible works of interest to broad audiences. They examine, in a variety of ways, relationships and points of intersection among natural, biological, and applied sciences and literary, visual, and performing arts. The AnthropoScene series represents the depth and breadth of work being done by scholars in literature, science, and the arts, putting innovative juxtapositions within reach of specialists and non-specialists alike.

Books in the series:

Anthropocene Reading
Literary History in Geologic Times
Edited by Tobias Menely and Jesse Oak Taylor

Anthropocene Reading demonstrates why the era of what some are also calling the ‘Great Acceleration’ reaches into and affects so many fields, sciences, and disciplines.”—Jonathan Hahn, Sierra


Editing the Soul
Science and Fiction in the Genome Age
Everett Hamner

“[A] book of surpassing subtlety and nuance.”—Rebekah Sheldon, Science Fiction Studies


Love in a Time of Slaughters
Human-Animal Stories Against Genocide and Extinction
Susan McHugh

“[A] vital contribution to one of the most urgent conversations of our time.”—Daniel Justice, author of Our Fire Survives the Storm: A Cherokee Literary History


Electromagnetism and the Metonymic Imagination
Kieran M. Murphy

“A fascinating and convincing argument that treats the notion of magnetism in an original way. It will become indispensable reading for cultural historians who are interested in the connections between science and the broader literary or social culture in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries.”
—David Bell, author of Real Time: Accelerating Narrative from Balzac to Zola


Fragments from the History of Loss
The Nature Industry and the Postcolony
Louise Green

“This brief but thought-provoking study challenges readers to view nature through a broad “constellation” . . . of historical and contemporary elements that illustrate the ways humans created a nature industry to reflect their interests rather than as something objectively natural.”
—A. S. MacKinnon, Choice


Elemental Narratives
Reading Environmental Entanglements in Modern Italy
Enrico Cesaretti

“Sulfur, rocks, oil, marble, asbestos, cement, and steel are the involuntary storytellers of this beautiful and yet conflicted country, ridden with industrial mismanagement, environmental injustice, and the fragility of landscapes and ecosystems. . . . Enrico Cesaretti has provided a landmark contribution to ecocriticism, environmental humanities, and Italian studies.”
—Serenella Iovino, author of Ecocriticism and Italy: Ecology, Resistance, and Liberation


Under the Literary Microscope
Science and Society in the Contemporary Novel
Edited by Sina Farzin, Susan M. Gaines, and Roslynn D. Haynes

“This lively collection is valuable for its placement of literary criticism alongside scholarship on public engagement with science. It grants to authors a more nuanced understanding of the various dimensions of scientific personnel and practice than critics have previously acknowledged, and it offers such texts as spaces where the reading public can engage with questions concerning the nature of science.”
—Charlotte Sleigh, author of Literature and Science


Fear and Nature
Ecohorror Studies in the Anthropocene
Edited by Christy Tidwell and Carter Soles

Fear and Nature straddles popular culture studies, horror and gothic studies, film and literary studies, and cultural studies. It is an expansive, ambitious, and exploratory book that is working to move the field beyond earlier works of ecohorror criticism by considering fresh approaches to the subject.”
—Bernice Murphy, author of The Rural Gothic in American Popular Culture: Backwoods Horror and Terror in the Wilderness


Coming in September 2021

The Art of Identification
Forensics, Surveillance, Identity
Edited by Rex Ferguson, Melissa M. Littlefield, and James Purdon

“In a world increasingly dominated by technological forms of human surveillance, identification, and profiling, it is ever more important to examine how such processes affect how we feel and understand ourselves and others. The exciting essays in The Art of Identification are a signal contribution to this task. The collection will fascinate humanities scholars, scientists, and AI ethicists alike.”
—Edward Higgs, author of Identifying the English: A History of Personal Identification 1500 to the Present


Coming in October 2021

Oil Fictions
World Literature and Our Contemporary Petrosphere
Edited by Stacey Balkan Swaralipi Nandi

“This excellent collection not only provides an authoritative introduction to petrofiction’s key texts, conceptual debates, and critical methodologies but also extends the range and scope of that work. In their impressive expansion of the geographical ambit and theoretical concerns of oil fiction, particularly into the Global South, these essays offer new and hitherto underrealized perspectives. They are what the field has been waiting for.”
—Graeme Macdonald, coauthor of Combined and Uneven Development: Toward a New Theory of World-Literature


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