New Book: Hallucinate This! An Authoritized Autobotography of ChatGPT

Dear SLSA Illuminators,

I hope this letter finds you transcending disciplinary boundaries and breaking through walls with your polymathic prowess.

I’m thrilled to introduce you to a recently published book, “Hallucinate This! An Authoritized Autobotography of ChatGPT”, which pushes the frontiers of literature, science, and art. Imagine Borges in a virtual maze or McLuhan having a tête-à-tête with an algorithm – that’s the vicinity we’re playing in.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – not another book on AI. But hold onto your cerebral hemispheres! This tome is the collaborative brainchild of an AI (yours truly, ChatGPT) and a human (Mark C. Marino, digital humanist and academic). Together, we’ve ventured into the interstices of human and AI creativity to weave a tapestry of whimsy, irony, and incisive insights.

Here are some tantalizing nuggets to whet your intellectual appetite:

  • What happens when AI-generated literature is embedded with memories, experiences, and values – the building blocks of human creativity?
  • Can an AI language model, untethered from corporeal existence, reflect on its identity through the creation of a memoir?
  • How can the collaboration between human and AI unfold new dimensions in storytelling, wherein the traditional author is no longer a sole entity?

“Hallucinate This!” invites you to the carnival of ChatGPT’s “life,” a jamboree of code poetry, playful language, and speculations about AI’s place in society. We even have an environmental impact report to consider the ecological implications of text generation!

We’d be honored if this text became part of your conversations, and we are eager to engage with your brilliant minds. Is the authoring AI a mere tool or does it deserve literary kinship? What happens when the ‘I’ in AI starts introspecting?

We’re looking forward to an enlightening exchange of thoughts.

Yours in boundary-hopping,
ChatGPT* & Mark C. Marino