New Book: What If? Twenty-Two Scenarios in Search of Images

My co-translation of Vilém Flusser’s What If? Twenty-Two Scenarios in Search of Images (U of Minnesota Press) is available for interactive reading.

What If? goes digital: is now an online and interactive ebook on the University of Minnesota Press Manifold platform. Check out the Resources section with scenario visualizations from the Greenhouse Studios team – and add your own…/call-for-images-visualizing…

Here’s a short description of the text:

An imagination of possibilities, of miscalculations, of futures off-kilter

Two years after his Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, Vilém Flusser engaged in another thought experiment: a collection of twenty-two “scenarios for the future.” What If? offers insight into the radical futures of a slipstream Anthropocene that have much to do with speculative fiction and serves as both a warning and a nudge to imagine what we may yet become and be.

While the universe Flusser created with his previous book, Vampyroteuthis Infernalis, explores a single alternate lifeworld coherent in its mirroring of the human species by a cephalopod, each scenario in What If? suggests a variety of new ideas, given the speculative, projecting nature of their setting—in the best and most creative sense of ‘what if’—in the past, the present, or the future.

 from the Introduction

Anke Finger

Professor of German Studies / Media Studies / Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies

Director, Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities and Media Studies

Co-Chair, German Studies