Leonardo Imagination Fellowship at ASU

I’m writing to let you know about the announcement of the Leonardo Imagination Fellowship, hosted by Arizona State University, starting in August 2023. In this virtual, global program, fellows will develop experimental media projects exploring diverse aspects of Planetary Health Futures, including issues of climate, human well-being, interspecies relationships, democracy, emerging social structures, and safeguarding the Earth’s habitability for humans and other life forms. Applications are due on June 2, 2023 at 11:59pm MST.

Fellows will reflect on how their projects support, align with, and add new complexity and nuance to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. They will also explore the notion of experimental media, charting new territory in areas like expanded reality, immersive storytelling, worldbuilding, and more. The projects upon which our fellows embark will embrace global perspectives and invite global participation, and demonstrate commitment to justice and equity.

Each fellow will produce a discrete media artifact, but also will be supported in collaborative, cross-disciplinary experimentation with practice and process throughout the fellowship period.

The fellowship runs from August 2023 through April 2024. This opportunity is open to applicants from anywhere in the world; each fellow will receive a stipend of US$6,000, plus support, networking, mentorship, and opportunities for public engagement around their work.

Here is a link to learn more and apply.

Joey Eschrich (he/him)
Managing Editor, Center for Science and the Imagination
Arizona State University