New Book: Scale Theory

Book Cover: Scale TheoryFrom Josh DiCaglio:
In lieu of much-missed conference mingling during covid-times, I wanted to drop a note about my book Scale Theory: A Nondisciplinary Inquiry (description at the publisher link), just out this past November from the University of Minnesota Press.
The book is currently on sale for 40% off as part of UMP’s MLA virtual exhibition (see the link here). The code is good until March 1, 2022.
Scale Theory was designed to be modular and speak to as many interests and applications of scale as possible (hence “A Nondisciplinary Inquiry”). If you want to know how it applies to what you’re writing or teaching, I would be happy to cue you into the relevant sections/connections. Given that we aren’t getting the chance to have these less formal conversations and exchanges, I’m also happy to offer up some of my time to discuss the book with your students, if you should decided to teach the book in a graduate seminar. Just email me at or message me on Twitter (@jdicaglio).
The book has benefited from the many conversations and publications produced from this community, and I look forward to future exchanges!