New Book: How the Universe Is Made

Book cover for How the Universe is MadeHow the Universe Is Made
Poems New & Selected 1985–2019
By Stephanie Strickland

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. . . Strickland easily ranks among the most forward-looking, rigorous, and evocative poets writing today . . . perhaps the first serious poetry to explore the emerging implications of the digital age for poetics . . . dead-on relevant to the science saturated now, Strickland’s poetry speaks as no other to how we understand our world.

— Steve Tomasula

. . .  a lyric intensity from beginning to end never at odds with secure grounding in historical figures like Simone Weil and Willard Gibbs . . . Strickland’s imagination for how tenor and vehicle shift places results in radical ruptures and plays of scale that are Dickinsonian in scope . . . . And how funny these poems can be, not only witty but actually funny!

— Karen Leona Anderson

Expanding and complicating body-mind issues, as well as an ongoing foray into how history hides histories . . . [S]showing not only the trajectory of a thinking over decades of poetic work, but the selections . . . making their own true book . . . . Watching a mind work through formal innovations while maintaining core concerns, deepening thought instead of repeating it, instead of abandoning it—a grand lesson for us all.

— Dan Beachy-Quick