New Book: Invisible Colors: The Arts of the Atomic Age

I am happy to announce that my book Invisible Colors: The Arts of the Atomic Age has just been published with MIT Press.

The book focuses on the atomic age from the standpoint of the arts in the East and in the West from Marie Curie to Fukushima (also including uranium mining).

By excavating these historical and contemporary glowing artworks, the book renders visible some of the darkest politics of the nuclear age: censorship, and the Western colonial and neo-colonial military and civilian atomization of lands, bodies and cultures in the Pacific, Africa nations, and native territories in the US., Canada and Australia.

The book also features more than 160 illustrations of artworks, some of which have never been published in the West before.

I hope you will find it of interest.

The book is available on Amazon and other online and regular bookstores such Barnes & Nobles.

Decamous Gabrielle, PhD