New Book: None of this is normal

None of this is normal: The Fiction of Jeff VanderMeer

How the otherworldly worlds created by the author of the Southern Reach Trilogy speak to—and even affect—our own

In the first book-length study of this provocative writer, Benjamin J. Robertson reveals how writer Jeff VanderMeer creates fictions that directly address our Anthropocene epoch. None of This Is Normal shows how VanderMeer’s work conjures what Robertson calls a “fantastic materiality”: a reality that stands apart from us as a model of thinking, irreducible to our own.

None of This Is Normal is the first book-length study of the weird fiction of Jeff VanderMeer. Benjamin J. Robertson not only highlights the beauty and power of VanderMeer’s fiction, but also shows how this writing is central to any attempt to think through the plight of humanity in what has come to be called the Anthropocene.

—Steven Shaviro, author of The Universe of Things: On Speculative Realism