New Book: End of Man

From Joanna Zylinska: I wanted to let you know about my new short book, The End of Man: A Feminist Counterapocalypse, which has just come out in the University of Minnesota Press’s Forerunners series – in paper, e-format and as a free open access version.


Joanna Zylinska’s The End of Man: A Feminist Counterapocalypse offers an ironic take on various contemporary eco-political crises, from the climate catastrophe and the threats to the human species posed by artificial intelligence through to the widespread rise in populism. In response, the author outlines an ethical vision of a feminist counterapocalypse, which challenges many of the proposed solutions to those crises, in their masculinist and technicist guises. The photo-film Exit Man included with the book showcases a “local museum of the Anthropocene” of the author’s making, with a view to envisaging a different future for humanity—and a different mode of scholarly engagement. The project is framed by an overarching question: If unbridled progress is no longer an option, what kinds of coexistences and collaborations do we create in its aftermath?

The publishers have made the online version available open access on their Manifold platform:

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The Exit Man film: