Technology and Culture: When Worlds Collide

Using Blade Runner, Steampunk short stories, Alan Lightman’s Einstein’s Dreams, Romantic poetry, and a Victorian fairy tale, this course will analyze poetry, new media, novels, short stories, and films inspired by nature, biology, robotics, physics, space, and more. Themes will include the politics of science and technology, technological determinism, the relationship between popular and technical writing, and representation in science. Science studies scholars Lorriane Daston, Langdon Winner, Mary Ann Doane, and Adelheid Voskuhl will help us think about about the ways technology and culture intermingle to create new ideas about the worlds we live in and the worlds we imagine. This course will complicate easy divisions between science and the humanities and ask students to engage in new ways of thinking about the relationship between society and technology.

Hannah Rogers

PDF: TechnologyandCulture.Draper.pdf

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