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Above and below you will find links to our Proposal Submission system. When you follow the link, you will be asked to login using your email address. If you have not logged into the site before, the system will send a passcode to you through your email. Use this passcode to enter the Proposal Submission area (you will be able to change the code later).

The Proposal Submission system is the main portal you will use to communicate with the Program Committee. You will be able to login and logout of this system as often as you wish to work on a proposal for a single presentation or develop a variety of other kinds of proposals. After you have logged in, you will see a drop-down menu with the following options:

As you can see, the Proposal Submission system is a critical area of this site. We have endeavored to make the approach as straight-forward and intuitive as possible. If you are frustrated with the system, we urge you to persevere. One of the best features of the approach is that you will be able to edit what you have submitted, at least until the deadline (May 1, 2012). If you find you are struggling, please feel free to contact Wayne Miller (wayne.miller@law.duke.edu) or Nigel Rothfels (rothfels@uwm.edu) for guidance.

Proceed to Proposal Submission