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Digest 2010-10-12

 litsci-l Digest - Tue, 12 Oct 2010

Table of contents:
1. SLSA 2010 in Indianapolis - "Nash,  Richard" 


Date: Mon, 11 Oct 2010 16:34:03 -0400
From: "Nash,  Richard" 
Subject: SLSA 2010 in Indianapolis

As we approach the annual meeting of SLSA, the drought continues here
in Indiana, but while it has rendered our fall colors somewhat more
subdued than usual they are just now reaching their peak.  Perhaps the
weather will hold from here through Halloween, and we will enjoy clear
skies and moderate temperature.  In any case, we are looking forward to
an excellent meeting with an outstanding program.  And that means it is
time to turn to bookkeeping details:

1) the FINAL program has been posted--and should soon (in the next day
or two) also be available in .pdf format.

PLEASE check your session to see who will be chairing; in some cases,
we have needed to assign chair responsibilities, and while I believe we
have contacted everyone, it might be good to double-check.

2) PLEASE try to observe the SLSA format of maximizing discussion time
in each session. Chairs are especially encouraged to work with their
speakers to achieve this goal.

3) KINDLE-USERS take note: we will be trying to prepare for the
conference webpage versions of the hotel floor plan, program overview,
and abstract book that can be downloaded to an e-text reader for those
who want to use that format.

4) NON-KINDLERS (or if we do not manage to get a suitable format
available, everyone) will need to print up the abstract book and bring
it to the conference.  While one will be able to access the website to
print up abstracts at the conference, the hotel will charge a fee for
printing.  ONLY A PROGRAM OVERVIEW with titles, session times and
location will be printed.


5) ALL presenters MUST be registered with the conference AND MUST have
up-to-date memberships.

We have updated the conference registration page so that you can make
sure that your membership is current: 

The first option on the link to register allows people to join/renew
their SLSA membership and register for the conference (Conference &
Membership Registration (Pay Together Option)). The second option allow
a current member to just register for the conference (Conference Only

You cannot just register for the conference at the SLSA member rate
unless your membership is active. There is a box above the member rate
to enter your account number. Our system validates that you are indeed
a paid member. If your SLSA membership is expired you will receive a
message that says you cannot register as a member if you are not a

There is a link at the top of the conference registration form "If you
have lost or forgotten your membership number, request a reminder
here." that will email a member their account number. They can also
contact our customer service dept at 800-548-1784
orjrnlcirc@press.jhu.eduand we can tell them if they are current or

6) There is also a link at the webpage (on the Travel & Restaurants
page) to the webpage of the Green Line bus that regularly (about every
20 minutes) services downtown Indianapolis from the airport: 

This is the most economical ground transportation mode, but there are
other shuttle companies and taxi service available, as well as car
rental for those who may want to carpool or share a cab.

Finally,  I remind/warn you that the annual SLSA dance is Saturday
night, Oct. 30; and Saturday night, of course, is Devils Night.  In
recognition of that fact, you are reminded that the event is costume
optional.  Come prepared to have fun, as our band--Living Proof--has
assured us that you will: 

On behalf of (the incredibly hard-working) Program and Local
Arrangement Committees,

Richard Nash



End of Tue, 12 Oct 2010 litsci-l digest.