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digest 1996-04-23 #001

11:28 PM 4/23/96 -0700
From: "Society for Literature & Science" 

Daily SLS Email Digest
Date: 23 Apr 1996 11:50:54 -0700
From: caroline nachman 
Subject: how to organize scattered research notes.  free software.
Are piles of scattered, disorganized research notes delaying the writing
a report, paper, thesis, dissertation or book?
Some people spend significant portions of their lives accumulating
hundreds, even thousands of research notes, but never get around to
organizing and indexing those notes.  Without organizing, the notes
worth much and the planned document may never get written.
There are many ways and tools to organize those scattered notes. 
you spend any money, you might consider a free software package,
SquareNote3.5, that has already helped thousands of people to organize
research notes.
With SquareNote, the scattered notes become easy to organize. Indexing
done automatically as you organize the notes.  Before you know it,
ready to write!
SquareNote is used by thousands of people in 39 countries to organize
research notes.  It's used by grad students and professors at more than
1,100 universities.  It's ideal for organizing your notes, your
bibliography, and drafts of the document you are writing.
SquareNote combines all your research notes into one file, retrieves
note instantly, and quickly sorts the file in any one of three order
sequences.  It lets you select certain groups of notes and print them
It's like having index cards on your PC.
SquareNote runs on any IBM-compatible PC, under DOS and the DOS
of MS-Windows and OS/2.  It runs on the oldest PCs as well as the
MAC and Windows versions are scheduled for later this year.
SquareNote3.5 is now available free by download from our Web site or by
email. Email "" for complete information, or
download from
"" or "".
Caroline Nachman, SQN Inc.  | For free SquareNote3.5,
"Organize, index, retrieve         | email
research notes & ideas.          | or open
Like index cards on a PC."     | or
Date: 23 Apr 1996 14:05:10 -0700
Subject: Course Collaborators Sought
Hi Folks:
After finishing up a largely successful and certainly pedagogical
experiment linking my grad/undergrad course at Eastern Kentucky U.
on "What is Human About Intelligence in Sci Fi and
which addressed the science (physics/cogsci) behind the science
fiction, with Bruce Clarke's graduate seminar at Texas Tech in
literature and
science roughly on the allegory of thermodynamics and information
I am now planning a course on the concept of contingency in 20th C
science as it plays out across the arts: fiction, poetry, visual arts,
drama, music (classical and jazz) to run this coming Fall semester.
Tuesday Nights 6-8:45pm.
This past semester we've been able to collaborate on a listserv
discussion group (really listproc), moo sessions in a cluster of rooms
of my design at both the media lab and at the daedalus moos, and linked
world wide web home pages, leading to a project of a web site as a
research resource for folks for SLS after the semester is over.
So there are lots of options in terms of the kind of collaboration, the
frequency and the possibilities for interactive collaborative projects.
If anyone might be interested in linking up with my course, please
contact me directly off list:
Martin E. Rosenberg
Richmond, KY 40475-3140
The website for the current ENG740 is:
best wishes.......mer
Date: 23 Apr 1996 17:07:42 -0700
From: DNEHL@MAIL.UTEXAS.EDU (Linda D. Henderson)
Subject: Fourth dimension
>        I would like very much to hear from literature scholars who
encountered references to "the fourth dimension" in the works
of modern
writers.  In the wake of my own earlier work on artistic responses to
popular notion of higher dimensional space (published as _The Fourth
Dimension and Non-Euclidean Geometry in Modern Art_, Princeton, 1983), I
always interested in collecting such citations.
>        In addition, I am putting together an interdisciplinary
on modernism and the fourth dimension and would be particularly
in hearing from SLS colleagues who may be doing research on this
Please let me know if you have an essay or an idea for an essay that
fit in this volume.
>                                        Linda D. Henderson
>                                        Dept. of Art and Art
>                                        Univ. of Texas
>                                        Austin, Tx. 78712
>                                        (e-mail