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Digest 2010-06-08

 litsci-l Digest - Tue, 08 Jun 2010

Table of contents:
1. CFP - NeMLA 2011 - Literature and Science - Rebekah Sheldon 
2. Special offer from Ashgate for Reading Popular Physics - "Wayne


Date: Mon, 7 Jun 2010 10:03:40 -0400
From: Rebekah Sheldon 
Subject: CFP - NeMLA 2011 - Literature and Science


Northeast Modern Language Association
Annual Convention 2011
New Brunswick, NJ
April 6 � 10

CFP: �Methodologies of Science and Literature�

This panel will explore the state of the discipline in the field of
and literature, with particular emphasis on work that surveys,
and/or theorizes contemporary methodologies. Possible topics may
rhetorics of science; cultural studies of science; feminist science
pseudoscience and feminist, postcolonial, queer and/or critical race
eco-criticism, animal studies and cognitive approaches to literature;
representational and affective reading practices; aesthetic experience
biopoetics; science and deconstruction; scientific objects and
methods; histories of science and literature; methods beyond science
studies. This will be a roundtable discussion. Discussants will be asked
give short, open-ended presentations to spur discussion. Abstracts of
more than 300 words to Rebekah Sheldon at
September 30, 2010.


Date: Mon, 07 Jun 2010 10:11:54 -0400
From: "Wayne Miller" 
Subject: Special offer from Ashgate for Reading Popular Physics

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Forwarded from "Martha McKenna" :

Special offer for readers of LITSCI-L!

Ashgate Publishing is pleased to offer a special, 20% discount on
Reading Popular Physics by Elizabeth Leane to readers of LITSCI-L. The
discount is valid for orders placed by libraries and individuals
July 31, 2010 (discount code RPP20). Please visit
for details and ordering information.


Reading Popular Physics
Disciplinary Skirmishes and Textual Strategies
Elizabeth Leane, University of Tasmania, Australia

Prize: Shortlisted for the British Society for Literature and Science
book prize of 2007

??????tightly argued and fascinating study???The book???s lengthy
offers further riches for specialists, while the main text remains
accessible to readers with no background in literary criticism. Reading
Popular Physics is a sophisticated, engaging book on the ways we talk
about science???and their consequences.??? ???Science

??????based on exhaustive scholarship???Leane analyzes many aspects of
relation between popular science literature and the ???other???
interesting book, packed with information???Recommended.??? ???Choice

?????? anyone who wants to consider popular science seriously will want
start here.???
???Times Higher Education Supplement

Elizabeth Leane???s Reading Popular Physics is a valuable contribution
our understanding of the nature and implications of physics
popularizations. Focusing particularly on five bestselling books???A
History of Time, The First Three Minutes, Chaos, Complexity, and The
Dancing Wu Li Masters???Leane analyzes the textual strategies by which
popularizers of science influence the public. Her book offers readers a
fresh perspective on this highly visible and influential genre.

ISBN: 978-0-7546-5850-4
208 pages

This special offer cannot be combined with any other discount offers
from Ashgate. The offer is valid only for orders received from
individuals and libraries.



End of Tue, 08 Jun 2010 litsci-l digest.