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Digest 2010-02-09

 litsci-l Digest - Tue, 09 Feb 2010

Table of contents:
1. Call for Papers - Inhabited by Stories: Critical Essays on  Tales
Retold - "Wayne Miller" 


Date: Mon, 08 Feb 2010 09:21:29 -0500
From: "Wayne Miller" 
Subject: Call for Papers - Inhabited by Stories: Critical Essays on 
Tales Retold

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From: jumelle :

Inhabited by Stories: Critical Essays on Tales Retold

We seek critical essays of  approximately 5,000 ??? 8,000 words from
emerging and established scholars for possible inclusion in the
edited volume Inhabited by Stories: Critical Essays on Tales Retold. We
are especially interested in the ethical implications for why a story
may be worth retelling. We are open to all types of theoretical
frameworks that embrace discussions of either explicit or implicit
literary revision and that are interested in why such
literature-to-literature reshaping matters. Some possible approaches to
intertextuality include (but are not limited to) tracing the
appropriation or adaptation of a literary work in another writer???s
single work, as a key text across an author???s opus, or as informing
multiple literary works by different writers. We are also interested in
discussions of the pedagogy of teaching literary intertexts.

Discourse on the future of English studies frequently reflects a
revolutionary dimension: the ???death??? (of theory), ???return??? (to
aesthetics), or ???new??? (directions).  In contrast, Inhabited by
Stories wishes to turn attention to the enduring critical idiom of
intertextuality to recognize the complexity of interpretation beyond
such language. It hopes to demonstrate the evolving, allusive, and
intertextual insights of professing ???English.??? 

Please send complete essays (in rich text format and double-spaced) and
a 250 word abstract indicating the main line of argument by May 1, 2010
to and



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