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digest 1996-03-15 #001

11:39 PM 3/15/96 +0800
From: "Society for Literature & Science" 

Daily SLS Email Digest
Date: 15 Mar 1996 14:14:37 -0800
Subject: conference
The attached Conference Call may be of interest to some SLS members.
From:   Lance E. Schachterle
Subject: conference                                                     
Date:   15-Mar-1996
Precedence: 1
Second Davis Educational Conference
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA
May 30-31, 1996
Conference Theme: "Educational Productivity: An Oxymoron?"
Faculty and administrators are being asked to "do more with
less". Will
student learning necessarily suffer? Can we accommodate pressures to
increase both productivity and quality? This conference will investigate
impact of pedagogic innovation in higher education. It will focus on
issue of educational productivity: what it means, how to measure it,
and benefits, how to encourage it.
The conference will feature keynote addresses by two of the country's
leading educational economists:
Dr. Alan Guskin, Chancellor, Antioch University
Dr. Henry Levin, Professor of Education and Economics, Stanford
Solicitation of Papers
This will be the second conference sponsored by the Davis
Educational Foundation and hosted by WPI. Conference co-chairs are Dr.
Judith Miller (Biology and Biotechnology Department) and Dr. David
DiBiasio (Chemical Engineering Department).
Papers or posters may be submitted in the following areas, or in others
are directly related to the conference theme:
What are educational productivity and quality?
-can they be simultaneously improved?
Assessment of educational productivity.
-can a dollar-value be put on educational quality?
-cost/benefit analyses of educational reform
-case studies
-analogies from noneducational contexts
Increasing educational productivity while maintaining quality.
-pedagogical methods
-use of technology
-administrative and faculty reorganization
Persons wishing to present a 25-minute paper or a poster should
electronically submit a 250-word abstract (please indicate format
preference) by April 1, 1996 to:
Dr. David DiBiasio, Associate Professor
Department of Chemical Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Rd.
Worcester, MA.    01609
phone: 508-831-5372
fax: 508-831-5853
Persons wishing to remain on the mailing list and receive future
should also respond electronically to the above address.
Conference Costs
Registration is $50 and covers conference costs, including two lunches,
three breaks, and a cocktail reception. Program details will be sent at
later date.