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litsci-l Digest - Wed, 31 Jan 2007

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1. "Animal Languages and Genetic Coding," session topic for SLSA 07 -
"john bruni" 


Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2007 15:27:58 -0600
From: "john bruni" 
Subject: "Animal Languages and Genetic Coding," session topic for SLSA

I am organizing a session that looks at the relationship between animal 
languages and genetic coding.  Some of the questions that I hope can be 
collectively explored:

How do animal languages and/or genetic coding shed light on the
kinship between humans and animals?  What might animal languages reveal 
about the genetic and/or biological influences on language?  How does a 
re-evaluation of the ability of animals to communicate affect debates
animal rights?

A variety of critical, theoretical, and methodological perspectives are 
welcome, including, but not limited to, systems theory, ecocriticism, 
American/cultural studies, science studies, and legal studies.

If interested, please respond to 


John Bruni
Assistant Professor of English
South Dakota School of Mines & Technology

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