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litsci-l-digest          Friday, May 17 2002          Volume 01 : Number

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     SLS panel?
     HSS Session Proposal


Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 13:34:52 -0500
From: Mark Morrisson 
Subject: SLS panel?

Dear SLS listserve,
    I would like to put together (or join) a panel for SLS '02 with
working on intersections of science and occultism of various sorts. 
    I'm working on a book on intersections of atomic theory and alchemy
1896 through the 1930s (I presented an early prospectus of that project
Buffalo last year), and have chapters in progress any one of which I
enjoy presenting to the SLS conference (work on the Alchemical Society
London, 1913-1915, work on Alchemy and atomic physics in Theosophy and
the Golden Dawn, work on Crookes, Ramsay, Rutherford, and Soddy's
invocation of the trope of alchemy in theorizing radioactive
"transmutation," work on fiction and poetry of the period that made
connections, and work on popular science writing of the day that made
    Anyone working on science studies of occultism or the role of occult
imagery and tropes in science?  Anyone have a related panel already in
progress that needs another participant?
    Please let me know as soon as you can.
    Mark Morrisson

Mark Morrisson
Assistant Professor of English
Director of Undergraduate Studies
Department of English 
119 Burrowes Building 
Pennsylvania State University 
University Park, PA 16802 
Tel: (814) 865-0011 Fax: (814) 863-7285


Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 16:03:23 -0500
From: Starr 
Subject: [none]

- -- 


Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 17:27:08 -0500
From: "Mark Waddell" 
Subject: HSS Session Proposal

Dear All,

Two graduate students in the Department of the History of Science,
and Technology at the Johns Hopkins University are interested in
a session for this year's HSS meeting in Milwaukee (November 7-10).  Our

tentative title is, "Systems of Sympathy, Axes of Power: Magical
Thinking in 
Early Modern Science", and we'd like to invite any interested scholars -

students, faculty, or otherwise - whose own work might mesh with this 
proposed session, and who would be interested in presenting a paper, to
in touch with us.  We would also like to find someone willing to act as
session Chair.

The final deadline for submissions, both for papers and sessions, is
2nd.  Apologies for the late notice, but this promises to be one of the
unique and interesting sessions at this year's meeting if we can find
two or 
three interested parties to flesh it out.

Please send all inquiries to Mark Waddell at:


Mark Waddell
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of the History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
The Johns Hopkins University

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