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digest 1997-11-13 #001

11:29 PM 11/12/97 -0800
From: "Society for Literature & Science" 

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Date: 12 Nov 1997 09:18:56 -0800
From: "Wayne Miller" 
Subject: Book Announcement from H-Nexa List.....
Date:    Tue, 11 Nov 1997 14:01:16 -0800
From:    "Michael Gregory, NEXA/H-NEXA" 
Subject: A House Built On Sand (x Sci-Cult>
A House Built on Sand: What's Wrong with the Cultural Studies Account
Edited by NORETTA KOERTGE, Indiana University
A HOUSE BUILT ON SAND gathers a distinguished group of historians,
philosophers, and scientists to scrutinize postmodernist attacks on the
aims and methods of science.  Accessible and wide-ranging, this volume
addresses topics such as the relativist epistemology underlying
postmodernist accounts of science, the revisionist history of the
experimental method and feminist "critiques" of biology and
dynamics.  Essyas also correct postmodernist accounts of cold fusion,
gravity waves, neutral currents, and relativity theroy.  With a
provocative introduction by Alan Sokal and a concluding focus on
to education, science journalism, and public policy by postmodernist
of science, this book makes vital reading for those both within and
without the academy.  In addition to Sokal, contributors included
Kitcher, Paul Boghossian, Alan Soble, William Newman, Noretta Koertge,
historian Margaret Jacob, biologist Paul Gross, and engineer Philip
March 1998 304 pp.
338.  511726-3 paper $17.95w*/$14.40
641.  511725-5 cloth $49.95w/$40.00