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2008 Spring

Winter 2008
Vol. 16, No.3 


*Conference Reports, SLSA 2007, Portland 

*Travel Awards and Prizes Awarded

*SLSA 2008 Berlin

*Directions for Subscribing to LITSCI-L, SLSA Listserv

REPORTS delivered at Executive Committee and Society Business Meetings

President's Report

Clarke reported on the redesign of the society's web site undertaken by
Sara Hebert of the Digital Media Studies program at the University of
Denver. Consulting with Clarke and Hebert about the site are Trace
Reddell, Manuela Rossini, Wayne Miller, and Carol Colatrella. Send
comments about the site in progress (http://www.litsciarts.org/dev) to
Clarke at bruce.clarke@ttu.edu.
Images for the portal at the top of the site and information about any
fellowship and other funding opportunities for research in literature,
science, and the arts are also sought for the site and should be sent
to Clarke.

SLSA 2007 Conference 

full and one-day participants attended the twenty-first meeting of the
society held in Portland, ME, November 1-4, 2007. Plenary speakers were
Katherine Hayles and Brian Massumi. This year's meeting included a
digital art gallery and SLSA's first undergraduate panel. The program
is at http://www.slsa07.com/.
Organizers Arielle Saiber, Susan McHugh, and Aden Evens were applauded
by the executive and the membership for the high caliber of
presentations and the smooth organization of events. 

SLSA 2008 Conference 

Rauch announced that the 2008 meeting of the society, with the theme of
"Reiteration," will be held in Charlotte, North Carolina.
Sponsored by
the University of North Carolina-Charlotte, SLSA will meet November
13-16, 2008. Papers, abstracts, and proposals should be sent to
SLSA08@uncc.edu by May 15, 2008.


Hugh Crawford and Alan Rauch report that plans are in place to have the
journal back on schedule by winter 2008. A new system of copy-editing
is speeding up the publication process. Submissions for articles to
Crawford and Rauch are encouraged as are suggestions of books to be
reviewed, which should be directed to Ron Broglio

Publications Committee

to Ron Schleifer, Arielle Saiber, and Tim Lenoir for their work with
the editors of Configurations. Arielle's term on the committee will end
in fall 2008; a new member will be elected in 2008 to replace her.
Purview of the publications committee has been expanded to include
their working with other interested members to reestablish a SLSA book
series with a new press. Suggestions should be forwarded to Schleifer

Nomination Committee

nominations or self-nominations of members interested in serving as
member-at-large, second vice-president, or member of the publication
committee, to past presidents Eve Keller (ekeller@fordham.edu) or Hugh
Crawford (hugh.crawford@lcc.gatech.edu) or member-at-large Victoria
Alexander (alexander@dactyl.org).
The new member-at-large will serve a two-year term beginning at the
fall 2008 meeting. The new second vice-president will serve in that
position for two years and continue in successive two-year terms as
first vice-president and then president of the organization. The
incoming member of the publication committee will serve from 2008
through 2012.


Hagedorn reported that the 2002 bibliography is in progress. She has
been greatly assisted by associate bibliographers Elizabeth Troesch and
Allison Dushane. Members should send Hagedorn any citations for their
books, journal articles, and other published materials in literature,
science, and the arts.

Electronic Resources 

Miller reported that LITSCI-L, the SLSA listserv, now has over 600
subscribers. The list is now moderated by Miller and Colatrella. 

Facebook Group 

Bono of the University of Pittsburgh has set up a Facebook site for the
organization. SLSA members interested in joining can connect at


provides a limited number of travel subventions to the annual
conference for individuals, generally for non-tenured scholars and
artists. This year the following individuals received awards: Maria
Aline Ferreira, Matthew Holtmeier, Jennifer Lieberman, Mara Mills, Joan
Richardson, and Eleanor Sandry,


honor of Edward F. Bruns and endowed by Kate Hayles, the Bruns Graduate
Essay Prize is awarded annually to the best essay written by a graduate
student member of SLSA. Elizabeth Wilson judged the essays for the 2007
Bruns Prize, which was awarded to Bernard Geoghegan for his essay
"Against Embodiment: Gesture Amidst Technics and Embodied


president of the society Lance Schachterle endows an annual prize in
honor of his parents to recognize the best new essay on literature and
science written in English by an untenured scholar. This year's
Schachterle Prize judges were Stacy Alaimo and Blake Leland. The 2007
Schachterle Prize was awarded to Henning Schmidgen for his essay
Donders Machine: Matter, Signs, and Time in a Physiological Experiment,
c. 1865," appearing in Configurations.


Kendrick Book Prize was established in the fall of 2006 in memory of
Michelle Kendrick of Washington State University-Vancouver, an
energetic, well-loved scholar of literature and science and long-time
member of SLSA. The 2007 Kendrick prize, judged by Robert Markley and
Laura Otis, was awarded to Barbara Maria Stafford's Echo Objects: The
Cognitive Work of Images (University of Chicago Press, 2007).


twenty-five participants attended the final conference session, a
wrap-up session facilitated by Alan Rauch. Attendees praised how well
the conference ran and the quality of presentations, acknowledging the
talents and hard work of Saiber, Evens, and McHugh. Most present at the
wrap-up agreed that having undergraduate sessions and/or incorporating
undergraduate presentations in panels should be continued. A particular
area noted as needing improvement was networking. Some recommended
mechanisms to improve the conference, especially for newcomers, such as
having more structured opportunities for informal socializing.
Mechanisms noted include going back to the Saturday night dance, having
an art exhibit as the opening reception, and posting names of
restaurants so that attendees can sign up for groups for lunch and


next European meeting will take place in Berlin, June 2-8, 2008, hosted
by the Zentrum für Literatur- und Kulturforschung (ZfL:
http://www.zfl.gwz-berlin.de) in collaboration with a number of other
institutes in this most attractive city. The ZfL will also be the home
of the planned SLSA-Europe. As information is available, it will be
posted at http://slsa.press.jhu.edu/european_conference_flier.html.
Contact: wolf@zfl.gwz-berlin.de


Subscription information for LITSCI-L:

To subscribe, send a plain-text email message to sympa@duke.edu with
following in the body of the message:

subscribe LITSCI-L

The list archive and additional subscription information, including how
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To join or to renew membership, please see
or call Johns Hopkins University Press Journals at 800 548 1784 (US
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