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2000 Winter

Winter 2000
vol.10, no.1

Call for papers

SLS2001, Buffalo, NY  October 11-14, 2001

The Accountability of Scientific and Medical

SLS 2001 will focus upon the production of
accounts, histories, narratives, images, diagrams,
tabulations (vote counts?), their circulation and
interpretation in a world of discourse networks,
software agents, and hybrid actants; laboratories,
pharmacies, and clinics; soft bodies and hard data.
And, equally, the accountability of cultural subjects
as ethical agents negotiating discourses of gender
and ethnicity, money and class, and the authority of
technological, medical, and biological explanation.
Proposals addressing these issues, and others as
well, are welcome.

Plenary Speaker: Elizabeth Grosz

The Hyatt Regency Buffalo Hotel
Special Conference Room Rates: 
$109 Single or Double; $119 Triples or Quads

Local Arrangements Chair: Jim Bono

Program Chair: Jim Swan

Send panel (or paper) proposals to Jim Swan
(e-mail submissions preferred) jswan@acsu.buffalo.edu

Or, via US mail:

	Department of English
	306 Clemens Hall
	SUNY at Buffalo
	Buffalo, NY 14260

Deadline: March 15, 2001

For more information check out the conference

Please fill out the enclosed survey!
Your responses will help us improve our
operations.  Thanks to LCC staff at Georgia
Tech for support of Decodings and survey.

SLS2002: Advance Planning Notice 
The 2002 SLS meeting will be held in Pasadena,
CA, October 10-13. A Call for Papers, with more
details about the meeting, will be issued
sometime next year. For now, please save the
dates, and start thinking about organizing a session
or contributing a paper. Any suggestions about
themes, plenary speakers, or anything else should
be addressed to Jay Labinger, jal@its.caltech.edu

Travel Awards
SLS provides a limited number of travel awards for
underfunded individuals attending the annual
conference. Members of SLS who participate in the
annual conference may apply for travel subsidies.
An applicant should email name, title of SLS
presentation, any information about funding for the
conference, and an indication of how long one has
been a member to Carol Colatrella at carol.colatrella@lcc.gatech.edu
 by September 1.
SLS officers will review the applications and
approve funds for one to three individuals. Each
person awarded funds will be presented with a
$200 check at the conference.

The Bruns Essay Prize
The Bruns Graduate Essay Prize, in honor of
Edward F. Bruns, is awarded annually to the best
essay written by a graduate student member of the
Society for Literature and Science. Graduate
students wishing to have their essays considered
for the $250 prize should submit them by
September 1 to 

	N. Katherine Hayles
	Department of English
	University of California
	Los Angeles, CA 90095-1530.

The Schachterle Essay Prize
Lance Schachterle, SLS founding president, has
established an annual prize of $250 in honor of his
parents to recognize the best new essay on
literature and science written in English by a
nontenured scholar. Authors wishing to submit
essays (published or accepted for publication)
should send them prior to September 1 to the SLS
Executive Director,

	Carol Colatrella
	LCC, Georgia
	Institute of Technology
	Atlanta, GA 30332-0165

please label envelope "Schachterle Submission."

NOTE: Essay awards are presented during the
Business Meeting of the annual conference. One
may submit only one entry to one of the two essay
prize competitions.

Congratulations to our new officers 
Second Vice-President:  Eve Keller of Fordham
University and incoming Member-at-Large Bruce
Clarke of Texas Tech University.

Elections in 2001
Nominations or self-nominations for Member at
Large (post to be vacated in 2001) should be sent
by April 1, 2001, to any member of the Nominating
Committee: Susan Squier sxs62@psu.edu,
Bono hischaos@acsu.buffalo.edu,
OR Richard
Nash nash@indiana.edu.

Congratulations to 200 schachterle and Bruns essay prize
Richard Menke of Stanford University and Rebecca
Knell of the University of Virginia.

 Susan Squier's Note on SLS2000,
Atlanta, Executive Board Meeting


	Hugh would send in the forms reincorporating
	the SLS as a 5013C corporation in the state of
	Massachusetts.  Lance will be the 'officer'
	designated to act in Massachusetts.
	Jim and Lance will work together to make a set
	of instructions about AV use at conventions, and
	will both circulate those instructions by e-mail
	and make a hard copy to put in the "Information for
	SLS Conference Organizers" booklet.
	Jim will talk to Hopkins and ask what the
	consequences would be of both possible ways of
	handling the bibliography space crisis in
	Configurations: going to an electronic format, or
	asking members to pay extra for a specially printed
	bibliography volume.  Sue Hagedorn is going to be
	working on improving the website so Jim might
	report Hopkins's responses to her.  Jim
	will also ask Hopkins to do more careful mailings
	(or e-mailings) prompting people to renew their
	SLS membership.

Susan's notes on Wrap-up Commentary

	 Take seriously the importance of abstracts to the
	conference, both to bring in the work of new
	people, to act as archives, and to publicize
	Provide a cross-referenced list of participants,
	contact information, interests, to make more
	communication possible.
	 Provide web-linked computers at the conference
	The conference should run for the full 3 days
	(Thurs noon to Sun noon) with fewer concurrent
	sessions, in order to create more context for
	continuing conversations.
	What about doing a poster session?
	Evening sessions should be less intellectually
	difficult, more entertaining.
	There should be fewer [or no] evening
	There should be a dance!
	There should be only one plenary.
	Build in more slots for unstructured
	conversation (the reception Saturday night was a
	good example of that, & worked very well.)
	Provide directions to the conference site from
	the airport on the web, so people can avoid
	expensive transportation in.
	Return to the tradition of always having one
	scientist plenary speaker.
	Include informal brown bag lunches.
	 Do some fund-raising for the conference; talk
	to Jim Paxton on that.
	Make sure the conference organizer has
	secretarial or professional
	conference planner help.
	 Drop the 10 minute time-limit for talks in
	  Have workshop sessions that put the
	papers on the web in a pass-word-coded site
	beforehand, so that more people can be involved &
	share their work.  Workshops should have a
	 Time slots for papers in same general area
	should not overlap.
	 People should not read their papers.
	 Organizer should attempt to build in all
	different conference constituencies.
	  Sessions work well with fewer participants,
	longer papers.
	 Return to guest scholar sessions, possibly with
	 People should be asked if they need to do AV
	stuff, & urged not to unless it's necessary.  People
	should be asked to contribute financially to
	the cost of using high tech AV: people generally
	thought $15-$25 contributions were reasonable.
	Comment that these suggestions
	notwithstanding, the conference was a
	very satisfying one, intellectually & socially.
	Suggestion that Karen Barad, a physicist who
	currently heads women's studies at Mt. Holyoke,
	should be contacted to bring her and the scientists
	with whom she is connected, into the SLS orbit.

Society for Literature and Science
Financial Report for 1999-2000: Prepared by Carol Colatrella, as
revised 11/6/00


			Balance, on hand 9/30/99
			Wachovia Bank, Atlanta
			Fleet Bank, Worcester		   



			Dues (SLS share from Hopkins UP)	   
			Configurations dividend		    
			Donations--Schachterle Prize       	       
			Donations--Bruns Prize	       	       
			Ad Income Decodings		         
			Total Income



			U Oklahoma/SLS99--4 Travel Awards
			$ 800.00
			SLS99--2 Essay Prizes
			         SLS99 Agendas--duplicating	         
			SLS subsidy to Brussels conference
			bank wire fee
			Conference Expenses



			--to Georgia Tech 
			$	      1,500.00
			--return of dividend to Georgia Tech  
			--Iowa State Bibliographical assistant      
			Configurations expenses SLS
			$ 6,890.00
			Decodings (3 issues) & Ballot
			--Georgia Tech assistants
			$	         500.00
			Decodings& ballot expense total
			Mass. Tax Filing Fee (98-99)	 
			Mass. Incorporation Fee (98-99)	         
			CPA/Tax Preparation (98-99 returns)       
			Placque for service
			TOTAL EXPENSES                


			Balance, on hand 9/30/00
			Wachovia Bank, Atlanta	 
			Fleet Bank, Worcester