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Alves Porto, Paulo. “Michael Sendivogius on Nitre and the Preparation of the Philosophers' Stone.” Ambix 48 (January 2001): 1-16.
Keywords: alchemy | Michael Sendivogius | Occult Sciences
Ashenden, Gavin. “Charles Williams and the Tradition of Alchemy.” Seven: An Anglo-American Literary Review 18 (2001): 51-72.
Keywords: alchemy | Arthur Edward Waite | Charles Williams | Occult Sciences
Borck, Cornelius. “Electricity as a Medium of Psychic Life: Electrotechnological Adventures into Psychodiagnosis in Weimar Germany .” Science in Context 14 (2001): 565-590.
Keywords: electricity | Occult Sciences | phrenology | Psychology
Bulman-May, James. Patrick White and Alchemy . Kew , Vic.: Australian Scholarly Publications, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | Occult Sciences | Patrick White
Burns, William E. “'A Proverb of Versatile Mutability”: Proteus and Natural Knowledge in Early Modern Britain.” Sixteenth Century Journal 32 (2001): 969-980.
Keywords: alchemy | mythology | Occult Sciences | rhetoric of science
Büttner, Stephanie. Die pseudoparacelsischen “Secreta secretorum”: Untersuchungen und Texte zur frühneuzeitlichen Chemiatrie . Heidelberg : Palatina Verlag, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | Occult Sciences | Paracelsus
Camenietzki, Carlos Ziller. “Jesuits and Alchemy in the Early Seventeenth Century: Father Johannes Roberti and the Weapon-Salve Controversy.” Ambix 48 (2001): 83-101.
Keywords: alchemy | Johannes Roberti | Occult Sciences | Paracelsus | Rodolphus Gocienius
Castonguay, Annye, and Jennifer Waelti-Walters. “Constellations et nébuleuses: Symphonie hyvrardienne.” In “Ut Philosophia Poesis”: Études sur l'oeuvre de Jeanne Hyvrard , Jean-François Kosta-Théfaine, ed., 71-83. Amsterdam : Rodopi, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | Jeanne Hyvrard | Occult Sciences
Clément, Jean-François. “À propos de quelques sequences symboliques de couleurs dans deux formes de spiritualité musulmanes.” Horizons Maghrebins: Le Droit à la Mémoire 44 (2001): 113-135.
Keywords: alchemy | color | folklore | literature—general | literature—medieval | Occult Sciences
Clulee, N. H. Astronomia inferior : Legacies of Johannes Trithemius and John Dee.” In Newman (Collections), pp. 173-233.
Keywords: astrology | Johannes Trithemius | John Dee | Occult Sciences | Phillip à Gabelle
Coale, Samuel Chase. “Mysteries of Mesmerism: Hawthorne 's Haunted House.” In A Historical Guide to Nathaniel Hawthorne , Larry J. Reynolds, ed., 49-77. Oxford : Oxford University Press, 2001.
Keywords: mesmerism | Nathaniel Hawthorne | Occult Sciences
Crowley, John. “A Modern Instance: Magic, Imagination, and Power.” JFA 12 (2001): 147-156.
Keywords: Ioan Petru Culianu | magic | Occult Sciences
Deslauriers, Pierre. “African Magico-Medicine at Home and Abroad: Haitian Religious Traditions in a Neocolonial Setting: The Fiction of Dany Laferrière and Russell Banks.” In Scott (Collections), pp. 337-353.
Keywords: Dany Laferrière | folklore | medicine | Occult Sciences | Russell Banks
Dickson, Donald R., ed. and trans. Thomas and Rebecca Vaughan's Aqua vitae, non vitis ( British Museum MS, Sloane 1741) . Tempe , AZ : Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | medicine | Occult Sciences | Rebecca Vaughan | Thomas Vaughan
Dixon, Joy. Divine Feminine: Theosophy and Feminism in England . Baltimore and London : Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.
Keywords: Alfred Percy Sinnett | Annie Besant | Dora Marsden | Eva Gore-Booth | gender studies | Hélèna Petrovna Blavatsky | Occult Sciences | Rukmini Devi Arundale
Ernst, Germana. “'Veritatis amor dulcissimus': Aspects of Cardano's Astrology.” In Newman (Collections), pp. 39-68.
Keywords: astrology | Giralamo Cardano | Occult Sciences
Geller, M. J. “Freud, Magic and Mesopotamia : How the Magic Works.” Folklore 112 (October 2001): 1-7.
Keywords: folklore | magic | Occult Sciences | Sigmund Freud
George, Demetra. “Manuel I Komnenos and Michael Glykas: A Twelfth-Century Defence and Refutation of Astrology.” Culture and Cosmos 5 (Spring-Summer 2001): 3-48.
Keywords: astrology | folklore | Manuel I Comnenos | Michael Glykas | Occult Sciences
Gineste, Léon. L'alchimie expliquée par son langage . Paris : Dervy, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | language | Occult Sciences
Godsey, Michael. “'Fludded' with Light: Alchemical Imagery and Homoerotic Desire in Donne's Sonnets .” Q/W/E/R/T/Y: Arts, Littératures et Civilisations du Monde Anglophone 11 (October 2001): 13-19.
Keywords: alchemy | John Donne | Occult Sciences | Robert Fludd
Gorman, Michael John. “Between the Demonic and the Miraculous: Athanasius Kircher and the Baroque Culture of Machines.” In Stolzenberg (Collections), pp. 59-70.
Keywords: Athanasius Kircher | Occult Sciences | technology
Grafton, Anthony, and Nancy Siraisi. “Between the Election and My Hopes: Giralamo Cardano and Medical Astrology.” In Newman (Collections), pp. 69-131.
Keywords: alchemy | astrology | Giralamo Cardano | medicine | Occult Sciences
Haupt, Sabine. “'Rotdunkel': Vom Ektoplasma zur Aura: Fotografie und Okkultismus bei Thomas Mann und Walter Benjamin.” Zeitschrift für Deutsche Philologie 120 (2001): 540-570.
Keywords: Occult Sciences | photography | technology | Thomas Mann | Walter Benjamin
Håkansson, Håkan. Seeing the Word: John Dee and Renaissance Occultism . Ph.D. Dissertation: Lund University, Sweden, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | John Dee | Occult Sciences
Henry, John. “Animism and Empiricism: Copernican Physics and the Origins of William Gilbert's Experimental Method.” JHI 62 (2001): 99-119.
Keywords: Nicolaus Copernicus | Occult Sciences | physical & mathematical sciences | William Gilbert
Holden, Philip. “Castle, Coffin, Stomach: Dracula and the Banality of the Occult.” VLC 29 (2001): 469-485.
Keywords: Bram Stoker | Occult Sciences | vampires
Kahn, Didier. “The Rosicrucian Hoax in France (1623-24).” In Newman (Collections), pp. 235-344.
Keywords: Adrian Baillet | astrology | Étienne Chaume | Frances Yates | Gabriel Naudé | Occult Sciences | Paracelsus | René Descartes | social sciences | Théophile de Viau
Kassell, Lauren. “'The Food of Angels': Simon Forman's Alchemical Medicine.” In Newman (Collections), pp. 345-384.
Keywords: alchemy | Alexander von Suchten | astrology | literature—biblical | medicine | Occult Sciences | Simon Forman
Kleinhans, Maria. “'Circes ouvra de la science/don't on blesce la conscience'—Antike Zauberinnen und Hexen in mittelalterlichen Texten .” Zeitschrift für romanische Philologie 117 (2001): 173-188.
Keywords: literature—medieval | Occult Sciences
Lembert, Alexandra. "Wie im Himmel so auf Erden: Die Rückkehr alchemistischer Spiritualität in Lindsay Clarkes Roman 'The Chymical Wedding.'” In Spiritualität und Transzendenz in der modernen englischsprachigen Literatur , Susanne Bach, ed., pp. 37-47. Paderborn: Schöningh, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | Lindsay Clarke | Occult Sciences
Linden, Stanton J., ed. George Ripley's The Compound of Alchymy . Aldershot, Hants, UK, and Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | George Ripley | Occult Sciences
Malotki, Ekkehart, and Ken Gary. Hopi Stories of Witchcraft, Shamanism, and Magic. Lincoln , NE : University of Nebraska Press, 2001.
Keywords: magic | Occult Sciences | shamanism | witchcraft
Marshall, Peter H. The Philosopher's Stone: A Quest for the Secrets of Alchemy . London: Macmillan, 2001; also as La piedra filosofal: un viaje en busca de los secretos de la alguimia . Barcelona: Grijalbo, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | Occult Sciences
Miller, Jonathan. “Magnetic Mockeries.” Social Research 68 (2001): 717-740.
Keywords: Franz Anton Mesmer | magnetism | Occult Sciences
Monet-Viera, Molly. “Strange Forces: Occultism and the Imagination of the Fantastic Genre in Latin America.” Romance Studies 19 (December 2001): 123-134.
Keywords: Eduardo Ladislao Holmberg | Leopoldo Lugones | Occult Sciences
Newman, William R., and Anthony Grafton. “The Problematic Status of Astrology and Alchemy in Premodern Europe.” In Newman (Collections), pp. 1-37.
Keywords: alchemy | astrology | Elias Ashmole | Occult Sciences
Parry, Hugh . Visions of Enchantment: Essays on Magic in Fiction . Lanham, MD, Oxford: University Press of America, 2001.
Keywords: Euripides | folklore | Henri Bosco | John Fowles | literature—general | magic | mythology | Occult Sciences | William Shakespeare
Perrault, Katherine Bartol. Astronomy, Alchemy, and Archetypes: An Integrated View of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Ph.D. Dissertation: Texas Tech University, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | astronomy | Carl Jung | Occult Sciences | physical & mathematical sciences | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences | William Shakespeare
Poss, Richard. “Stars and Spirituality in the Cosmology of Dante's Commedia .” Culture and Cosmos: A Journal of the History of Astrology and Cultural Astronomy 5 (Spring-Summer 2001): 49-66.
Keywords: astrology | astronomy | Dante Alighieri | Occult Sciences
Principe, Lawrence M., and William R. Newman. “Some Problems with the Historiography of Alchemy.” In Newman (Collections), pp. 385-431.
Keywords: alchemy | Carl Jung | Mircea Eliade | Occult Sciences
Rippe, Olaf. Paracelsusmedizin: altes Wissen in der Heilkunst von heute: Philosophie, Astrologie, Alchimie, Therapiekonzepte . Aarau: AT, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | astrology | medicine | Occult Sciences | Paracelsus
Roob, Alexander. The Hermetic Museum: Alchemy & Mysticism . Trans. by Shaun Whiteside. Köln and New York: Taschen, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | museums | Occult Sciences
Secret, François. Documents oubliés sur l'alchimie, la kabbale et Guillaume Postel , ed. Sylvain Matton. Geneva: Droz, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | Cabala | Guillaume Postel | Occult Sciences
Shinbo, Sukeyoshi. “Kenreisha Gete to sono bungaku (1).” Gengo Bunka Ronkyu: Kyushu Daigaku Gengo Bunkabu/Studies in Languages and Cultures, Kyushu University 13 (2001): 43-54.
Keywords: Christoph Martin Wieland | Johann Heinrich Jung-Stilling | Johann W. von Goethe | Occult Sciences
Stolzenberg, Daniel. “The Connoisseur of Magic.” In Stolzenberg (Collections), pp. 49-57.
Keywords: Athanasius Kircher | magic | Occult Sciences
Storck, Inez Fitzgerald. “J. K. Rowling: A Wounded Imagination.” Chesterton Review: The Journal of the G. K. Chesterton Institute 27 (February-May 2001): 103-106.
Keywords: J. K. Rowling | literature—children's | Occult Sciences
Terras, Victor. “The Black Sun: Orphic Imagery in the Poetry of Osip Mandelstam.” SEEJ 45 (2001): 45-60.
Keywords: Jean Racine | Nadezhda Mandelstam | Occult Sciences | Osip Mandelstam | poetry
Tosi, Lucia. “Marie Meurdac: Paracelsian Chemist and Feminist.” Ambix 48 (July 2001): 69-82.
Keywords: gender studies | Marie Meurdac | medicine | Occult Sciences | Paracelsus
Traister, Barbara Howard. The Notorious Astrological Physician of London: Works and Days of Simon Forman. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2001.
Keywords: astrology | medicine | Occult Sciences | Simon Forman
Warlick, M. E . Max Ernst and Alchemy . Austin: University of Texas Press, 2001.
Keywords: alchemy | Max Ernst | Occult Sciences | surrealism | visual arts--20th C
Whitfield, Peter. Astrology: A History . New York: Henry N. Abrams, 2001.
Keywords: astrology | Claudius | literature—ancient | literature—medieval | literature—Renaissance | Marcus Manilius | Marsilio Ficino | medicine | Occult Sciences | Ptolemy | visual arts—medieval | visual arts—Renaissance

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