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Achenbach, Joel. “The World According to Wells.” Smithsonian 32 (April 2001): 110-112, 114-124.
Keywords: H. G. Wells | popular sciences
Ahlback, Pia Maria. Energy, Heterotopia, Dystopia: George Orwell, Michel Foucault, and the Twentieth-Century Imagination . Turku: Abo Akademi University Press, 2001.
Keywords: George Orwell | Michel Foucault | popular sciences
Alkon, Paul. “Was the Time Machine Necessary?” In Slusser (Collections), pp. 27-38.
Keywords: H. G. Wells | popular sciences | technology
Allen, Ian, and Brenton Honeyman. “Ingenious! Edutainment via Interactive Multimedia.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 103-106.
Keywords: museums | popular sciences
Allister, Mark. Refiguring the Map of Sorrow: Nature Writing and Autobiography. Charlottesville, VA: University Press of Virginia, 2001.
Keywords: Bill Barich | biography | Gretel Ehrlich | Peter Matthiessen | popular sciences | Sue Hubbell | Terry Tempest Williams | William Least Heat-Moon
Arrowhead, Judith, and Hooley McLaughlin. “The Unique Role of Science Centres in Immersing Students and Teachers in Real-World Science and Technology.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 77-82.
Keywords: education | museums | pedagogy | popular sciences
Austin, Andrea. “Frankie and Johnny: Shelley, Gibson, and Hollywood's Love Affair with the Cyborg.” RoN 21 (February 2001): no pagination.
Keywords: cyborgs | film/TV | Mary Shelley | popular sciences | William Gibson
Bahar, Saba. “Jane Marcet and the Limits to Public Science.” BJHS 34 (2001): 29-49.
Keywords: Humphry Davy | Jane Marcet | popular sciences
Battaglia, Debbora. “Multiplicities: An Anthropologist's Thoughts on Replicants and Clones in Popular Film.” CritI 27 (2001): 493-514.
Keywords: cloning | film/TV | popular sciences | science fiction
Baym, Nina. American Women of Letters and the Nineteenth-Century Sciences: Styles of Affiliation . New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2001.
Keywords: Almira Phelps | Biological Sciences | Catharine Esther Beecher | Elizabeth Cary Agassiz | Emily Dickinson | Emma Willard | Maria Mitchell | medicine | popular sciences | Sarah Hale | Susan Fenimore Cooper
Becker, Andrea. Populärmedizinische Vermittlungstexte . Tübingen: Niemeyer, 2001.
Keywords: medicine | popular sciences
Bennett, Kate. “John Aubrey's Collections and the Early Modern Museum.” Bodleian Library Record 17 (2001): 213-245.
Keywords: John Aubrey | museums | popular sciences
Bergstrom, L., K. E. Johansson, and Ch. Nilsson. “The Physics of Copenhagen for Students and the General Public.” Physics Education 36 (2001): 388-393.
Keywords: Michael Frayn | pedagogy | popular sciences | quantum theory
Bickenbach, Matthias. “Das Diapositiv des Fotoalbums: Mutation kultureller Errinerung. Nadar und das Pantheon.” In Fohrmann (Collections), pp. 87-128.
Keywords: photography | popular sciences
Birus, Hendrik. “Die Entzug des Hier und Jetzt. Goethes ‘Ueber Kunst und Alterthum' an der Schwelle zum Zeitalter der technischen Reproduzierbarkeit.” In Fohrmann (Collections), pp. 11-25.
Keywords: George Steiner | Johann W. von Goethe | popular sciences
Bjorklund, Diane. “Sociologists as Characters in Twentieth-Century Novels.” American Sociologist 32 (Winter 2001): 23-41.
Keywords: literature—20th C | popular sciences | social sciences
Bova, Ben. The Story of Light. Naperville, IL: Sourcebooks, 2001.
Keywords: light | popular sciences
Branch, Michael P. “Writing the Swamp: Marjory Stoneman Douglas and The Everglades: River of Grass .” In Edwards (Collections), pp. 125-135.
Keywords: Marjory Stoneman Douglas | popular sciences
Brandstätter, Frank. “Die Gründerjahre im Neunkirchen Zoo—ein Betrag zur Geschichte des Neunkircher Zoos.” Zoologische Garten 71 (2001): 266-275.
Keywords: popular sciences | zoos
Braun, Lundy, and John Trimbur. “Popularizing Science: At the Boundary of Expert and Lay Biomedical Knowledge.” In Trimbur (Collections), pp. 229-247.
Keywords: medicine | popular sciences
Bredsdorff, Thomas. “Pious Nature.” In Scheffel (Collections), pp. 73-87.
Keywords: landscape | literature—18th C | popular sciences
Browne, Cornelius William. Nature Writing as Experience: Pragmatist Literary Ecology and Twentieth-Century American Nature Writing . Ph.D. Dissertation: Ohio University, 2001.
Keywords: environmental sciences | literature—20th C | popular sciences
Browne, Janet. “Darwin in Caricature: A Study in the Popularisation and Dissemination of Evolution.” PAPS 145 (2001): 496-509.
Keywords: Biology | Charles Darwin | evolution | popular sciences
Burgoyne, Daniel. “Coleridge's ‘Poetic Faith' and Poe's Scientific Hoax.” RoN 21 (2001): no pagination.
Keywords: Edgar Allan Poe | popular sciences | Samuel Taylor Coleridge
Camus, Marianne. “Savoirs scientifiques et romancières victoriennes.” In Minary (Collections), pp. 253-274.
Keywords: Charlotte Brontë | Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell | George Eliot | popular sciences
Candel, Daniel. “Julian Barnes's A History of Science in 10-1/2 Chapters .” ES [note: English Studies: A Journal of English Language and Literature ] 82 (2001): 253-261.
Keywords: Julian Barnes | popular sciences
Chassay, Jean-François, and Kim Doré. La science par ceux qui ne la font pas. Montréal: Université du Québec à Montréal, 2001.
Keywords: H. P. Lovecraft | Maurice G. Dantec | Michel Houellebecq | popular sciences | Witold Gombrowicz
Cholakov, Valéry. “Visions of Science in the Twentieth Century.” In Segerstrale (Collections), pp. 12-134.
Keywords: literature—20th C | popular sciences
Cicioni, Mirna. “Moral Snares and Parables: Between Science Fiction and Midrash.” In Kremer (Collections), pp. 75-87.
Keywords: popular sciences | Primo Levi | science fiction
Collins, Paul. Banvard's Folly: Thirteen Tales of Renowned Obscurity, Famous Anonymity, and Rotten Luck . New York: Picador, 2001.
Keywords: Alfred Ely Beach | Augustus J. Psalmanazar | Delia Bacon | Ephraim Bull | François Symmes | George Sudre | John Banyard | John Cleves | Martin Tupper | popular sciences | René Blondlot | Robert Coates | Thomas Dick | William Henry Pleasanton Ireland
Condit, Celeste M. “What is ‘Public Opinion' about Genetics?” Nature Reviews: Genetics 2 (2001): 811-815.
Keywords: Biolological Sciences | genetics | popular sciences
Crosland, Maurice. “Popular Science and the Arts: Challenges to Cultural Authority in France under the Second Empire.” BJHS 34 (2001): 301-322.
Keywords: literature—19th C | popular sciences | visual arts—20th C
Davidow Hirshbein, Laura. “William Osler and The Fixed Period : Conflicting Medical and Popular Ideas about Old Age.” Arch Intern Med 161 (2001): 2074-2078.
Keywords: aging | medicine | popular sciences | William Osler
Davis, John R. “The Great Exhibition.” British Heritage 22 (June-July 2001): 14-17.
Keywords: Great Exhibition | popular sciences | technology
Diaz-Rozzotto, Marcella. “Le dépassement esthétisant du positivisme dans les contes d'Arrigo Boito (1867-1874).” In Minary (Collections), pp. 303-329.
Keywords: Arrigo Boito | popular sciences
Dixon, Diana. “Children's Magazines and Science in the Nineteenth Century.” Victorian Periodicals Review 34 (2001): 228-238.
Keywords: literature—children's | popular sciences
Dixon, Terrell F. “Nature, Gender, and Community: Mary Wilkins Freeman's Ecofiction.” In Armbruster (Collections), pp. 162-176.
Keywords: Mary Wilkins Freeman | popular sciences
Donahue, Paul F., and Claude Faubert. “Making Heritage Relevant.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 25-29.
Keywords: museums | popular sciences | technology
Ekins, Sean, and Richard J. McGowan. “The Limits of Reductionism: The Shifting Genomic Paradigm's Impact on Industry and Academia.” Philosophy in Science 9 (2001): 179-202.
Keywords: Aristotle | genetics | popular sciences | rhetoric of science
Ferraresi, Alessandra. “Diffusione, uso e insegnamento delle ‘lingue straniere' a Pavia dopo l'Encyclopédie.” In Stella (Collections), pp. 497-576.
Keywords: language | medicine | popular sciences
Ferro, David L. Selling Science in the Colonial American Newspaper: How the Middle Colonial American General Periodical Represented Nature, Philosophy, Medicine, and Technology, 1728-1765 . Ph.D. Dissertation: Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, 2001.
Keywords: medicine | popular sciences | technology
Findlen, Paula. “Masculine Prerogatives: Gender, Space, and Knowledge in the Early Modern Museum.” In Galison (Collections), pp. 29-57.
Keywords: gender studies | museums | popular sciences | Science Studies | Ulisse Aldrovandi
Findlen, Paula. “Science, History, and Erudition: Athanasius Kircher's Museum at the Collegio Romano.” In Stolzenberg (Collections), pp. 17-26.
Keywords: Athanasius Kircher | museums | popular sciences
Fischer, Michael M. J. “Ethnographic Critique and Technoscientific Narratives: The Old Mole, Ethical Plateaux, and the Governance of Emergent Biosocial Polities.” Culture, Medicine and Psychiatry 25 (2001): 355-393.
Keywords: Adrian Mathews | popular sciences | social sciences | technology
Fitzgerald, Ruth, Hugh Campbell, and Leda Sivak. “Content Analysis of Bias in International Print Media Coverage of Genetically Modified Food.” Rural Society 11 (2001): 181-196.
Keywords: genetics | popular sciences
Forgan, Sophie. “Bricks and Bones: Architecture and Science in Victorian Britain.” In Galison (Collections), pp. 181-208.
Keywords: architecture | geology | museums | popular sciences | Richard Owen
Fried, Lewis. “A Canticle for Liebowitz: A Song for Benjamin.” Extrapolation Winter 2001 42(4): 362-373. apocalypse, holocaust, literature--20th C, religion, science fiction, Technology, wandering Jew, Warren Miller, Jr.
Keywords: | popular sciences
García González, Armando. “Darwinism, Eugenics and Mendelism in Cuban Biological Education: 1900-1959.” In Glick (Collections), pp. 153-169.
Keywords: education | eugenics | Francis Galton | Gregor Mendel | popular sciences
Gibson, Margaret. “The Truth Machine: Polygraphs, Popular Culture, and the Confessing Body.” Social Semiotics 11 (2001): 61-73.
Keywords: literature—20th C | popular sciences | technology
Glick, Thomas F., and Mark G. Henderson. “The Scientific and Popular Receptions of Darwin, Freud and Einstein: Toward an Analytical History of the Diffusion of Scientific Ideas.” In Glick (Collections), pp. 229-238.
Keywords: Albert Einstein | Charles Darwin | popular sciences | Sigmund Freud
Glinert, Lewis. “Golem! The Making of a Modern Myth.” Symposium 55 (2001): 78-94.
Keywords: cybernetics | mythology | popular sciences | science fiction | technology
Grau, Oliver. “Das Sedanpanorama. Einübung soldatischen Gehorsams in Staatsbild durch Präsenz.” In Fohrmann (Collections), pp. 143-169.
Keywords: Hermann von Helmholtz | panorama | popular sciences
Gregory, Jane, and Steve Miller. “Caught in the Crossfire? The Public's Role in the Science Wars.” In Labinger (Collections), pp. 61-72.
Keywords: popular sciences | science wars
Hamm, E. P. “Unpacking Goethe's Collections: The Public and Private in Natural-Historical Collecting.” BJHS 34 (2001): 275-300.
Keywords: Johann W. von Goethe | museums | popular sciences
Hatherly, Janelle. “Broadening Science Perspectives.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 43-46.
Keywords: gardens | popular sciences
Hellekson, Karen. The Alternate History: Refiguring Historical Time . Kent, OH: Kent State University Press, 2001.
Keywords: Brian Aldiss | Bruce Sterling | entropy | Paul Anderson | Philip K. Dick | popular sciences | science fiction | time | Ward Moore | William Gibson
Herzogenrath, Bernd. “Looking Forward/Looking Back: Thomas Cole and the Belated Construction of Nature.” In Herzogenrath (Collections), pp. 83-103.
Keywords: Edward Hopper | Jacques Lacan | popular sciences | Sigmund Freud | Thomas Cole
Hill, Jean. “The Best Way is the Simplest: Florence Merriam and Popular Ornithology.” In Edwards (Collections), pp. 110-119.
Keywords: Florence A. Bailey | popular sciences
Honeyman, Brenton. “Real vs Virtual Visits: Issues for Science Centres.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 107-110.
Keywords: museums | popular sciences | virtual reality
Hull, David L. “Michael Ruse and His Fifteen Years of Booknotes : For Better or for Worse .” Biol & Phil 16 (2001): 423-435.
Keywords: Biology | creationism | Michael Ruse | popular sciences
Jones, Russell Douglas. Engineering History: The Foundation of Industrial Museums in the United States . Ph.D. Dissertation: Case Western Reserve University, 2001.
Keywords: museums | popular sciences | technology
Klein, Gerard. “From the Images of Science to Science Fiction.” In Parrinder (Collections), 119-126.
Keywords: popular sciences | science fiction
Kohler, Héliane. “Regards critiques sur la science dans L'aliéniste (1881) de Machado de Assis.” In Minary (Collections), pp. 331-348.
Keywords: Joaquim Maria | Machado de Assis | popular sciences
Leane, Elizabeth. “Knowing Quanta: The Ambiguous Metaphors of Popular Physics.” RES 52 (2001): 411-431.
Keywords: Fritjof Capra | Gary Zukav | metaphor | popular sciences
Lee, Susanna. “Flaubert's Blague Supérieure: The Secular World of Madame Bovary.” Symposium 54 (2001): 203-244.
Keywords: Gustave Flaubert | medicine | popular sciences
Lehm, Dirk vom, Christian Heath, and Hubert Knoblauch. “Configuring Exhibits. The Interactional Production of Experience in Museums and Galleries.” In Knoblauch (Collections), pp. 281-297.
Keywords: museums | popular sciences
Levins, Richard. “The Butterfly ex Machina.” In Singh (Collections), pp. 529-543.
Keywords: chaos theory | Physical Sciences | popular sciences
Lindemann-Matthies, Petra, and Tobias Kamer. “Evaluation der betreuten Buchsucherinformation im Tierpark Goldau.” Zoologische Garten 71 (2001): 194-208.
Keywords: popular sciences | zoos
Littenberg, Marcia B. “Gender and Genre: A New Perspective on Nineteenth-Century Women's Nature Writing.” In Edwards (Collections), pp. 59-67.
Keywords: environmental sciences | gender studies | literature—19th C | popular sciences
Loewen, Shawn. “The New Canaan: Abundance, Scarcity, and the Changing Climate of Nature Writing in Nineteenth-Century America.” Isle 8 (2001): 97-114.
Keywords: literature—19th C | popular sciences
Lupfer, Eric. “Before Nature Writing: Houghton, Mifflin and Company and the Invention of the Outdoor Book, 1800-1900.” Book History 4 (2001): 177-204.
Keywords: and Travel | Discover | Horace Scudder | popular sciences
Magee, Richard M. “Sentimental Ecology: Susan Fenimore Cooper's Rural Hours .” In Edwards (Collections), pp. 27-36.
Keywords: popular sciences | Susan Fenimore Cooper
Maigret, Jacques. “Les Musées de sciences naturelles: entre science et art.” Histoire de l'Art, no. 49 (Nov. 2001): 21-28.
Keywords: | popular sciences
Matthews, Carol Suzanne. Taken: Constructions of 'Race,' 'Biology' and Colonialism Informing the Alien Abduction Narrative in the United States. Ph.D. Dissertation: University of Kansas, 2001.
Keywords: Biology | colonialism | narrative | popular sciences | Psychology | race studies | science fiction | Science Studies
Maund, Althea. “Caribbean Outreach—A Special Project.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 47-56.
Keywords: | popular sciences
McCannon, John. “Technological and Scientific Utopias in Soviet Children's Literature, 1921-1932.” JPC 34 (Spring 2001): 153-169.
Keywords: literature—children's | popular sciences | technology
McShane, Megan C. “The Manifest Disharmony of Ephemeral Culture: Art, Ecology, and Waste Management in American Culture.” In Herzogenrath (Collections), pp. 341-359.
Keywords: environmental sciences | film/TV | Mierle Laderman Ukeles | popular sciences
Mellor, Anne K. “ Frankenstein, Racial Science, and the Yellow Peril.” NCC 23 (2001): 1-28.
Keywords: Mary Shelley | popular sciences | race studies
Metzger, Stefan. "Bio-Culture – Biologistische Diskursstrategien im Feuilleton 2002.” In Kleeberg (Collections), pp. 73-114.
Keywords: Biological Sciences | genetics | popular sciences
Miksanek, Tony. “Microscopic Doctors and Molecular Black Bags: Science Fiction's Prescription for Nanotechnology and Medicine.” L&M 20 (2001): 55-70.
Keywords: popular sciences | science fiction | technology
Montaclair, Florent. “Savoirs scientifiques et techniques dans quelques roman de Jules Verne: une utilization pédagogique et littéraire des sciences.” In Minary (Collections), pp. 275-284.
Keywords: electricity | Jules Verne | popular sciences
Nadeau, Jean-Guy. “La poétique du divin dans le récit de science-fiction.” In Hurley (Collections), pp. 87-104.
Keywords: popular sciences | science fiction
Neve, Michael. “Public Views of Neurasthenia: Britain, 188-1930.” Clio Med 63 (2001): 141-159.
Keywords: medicine | popular sciences
Obregón, Osvaldo. “Les supports historique et scientifique de la pièce Humboldt et Bonpland taxidermists (1981) du Vénézuélien Ibsen Martinez.” In Minary (Collections), pp. 365-388.
Keywords: Aimé Bonpland | Alexander von Humboldt | Biological Sciences | Discover | exploration discovery & travel | Ibsen Martínez | popular sciences
Oldenziel, Ruth. “Man the Maker, Woman the Consumer: The Consumption Junction Revisited.” In Creager (Collections), pp. 128-148.
Keywords: gender studies | popular sciences | technology
Pandora, Katherine. “Knowledge Held in Common: Tales of Luther Burbank and Science in the American Vernacular.” Isis 92 (2001): 484-516.
Keywords: Biological Sciences | Luther Burbank | popular sciences
Park, David Putting the World on the Couch: Cultural Authority as a Dimension of Mid-20th Century Popular Psychiatry and Psychoanalysis. Ph.D. Dissertation: University of Pennsylvania, 2001.
Keywords: Antonio Gramsci | Edward Strecker | Erich Fromm | Fredric Wertham | Karl Menninger | popular sciences | psychiatry | psychoanalysis | rhetoric of science | Robert Lindner | Thomas Szasz | William Menninger
Park, Robert L. “Voodoo Medicine in a Scientific World.” In Ashman (Collections), pp. 140-150.
Keywords: medicine | popular sciences
Parrinder, Patrick. “From Rome to Richmond: Wells, Universal History, and Prophetic Time.” In Slusser (Collections), pp. 110-121.
Keywords: evolution | H. G. Wells | popular sciences | time
Patenaude, Robert. “Un bref aperçu du développement des jardins zoologiques.” Médecin Vétérinaire du Québec 31, no. 1 (2001): 17-19.
Keywords: popular sciences | zoos
Philippon, Daniel J. “Gender, Genus, and Genre: Women, Science, and Nature Writing in Early America.” In Edwards (Collections), pp. 9-26.
Keywords: gender studies | literature—18th & 19th C | popular sciences
Platten, David. “Reading-Glasses, Guns and Robots: A History of Science in French Crime Fiction.” FCS 12 (2001): 253-270.
Keywords: Biological Sciences | Edgar Allan Poe | evolution | Gaston Leroux | Jean-Patrick Manchette | Maurice G. Dantec | popular sciences | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences | technology
Plumpe, Gerhard. “Tote Blicke. Fotografie als Präsenzmedium.” In Fohrmann (Collections), pp. 70-86.
Keywords: photography | popular sciences
Priester, Karin. Mary Shelley: die Frau, die Frankenstein erfand: Biographie. München: Langen Müller, 2001.
Keywords: Mary Shelley | popular sciences
Proctor, Robert N. “What Causes Cancer? A Political History of Recent Debates.” In Singh (Collections), pp. 568-582.
Keywords: cancer | medicine | popular sciences
Raglon, Rebecca, and Marian Scholtmeijer. “Heading Off the Trail: Language, Literature, and Nature's Resistance to Narrative.” In Armbruster (Collections), pp. 248-262.
Keywords: language | literature—general | narrative | popular sciences
Ratto, Franco. “Scienzia e utopia in Domenico Comba.” RSItal [note: Rivista di Studi Italiani] 19 (December 2001): 86-91.
Keywords: Domenico Comba | popular sciences
Rauch, Alan. Useful Knowledge: The Victorians, Morality, and the March of Intellect . Durham, NC, and London: Duke University Press, 2001.
Keywords: Charles Kingsley | George Eliot | Jane Wells Webb Loudon | literature—19th C | literature—children's | Mary Shelley | popular sciences
Roberts, Robin. “Performing Science Fiction: Television, Theater, and Gender in Star Trek: The Experience.” Extrapolation 42(4): 340-356.
Keywords: fantasy | film/TV | gender studies | literature--20th C | narrative | popular sciences | Psychological Sciences | science fiction | theater
Rocque, Lucia de la, and Luiz Antonio Teixeira. “ Frankenstein, de Mary Shelley, e Drácula, de Bram Stoker: gênero e ciência na literatura.” História, Ciências, Saúde—Manguinhos 8 (March-June 2001): 10-34.
Keywords: Bram Stoker | gender studies | Mary Shelley | popular sciences
Roloff, Eckart Klaus. "Scientainment. Sprachwahl zwischen Hermetik und Populismus.” Gegenworte 7 (2001): 53-55.
Keywords: | popular sciences
Rooney, Allen. “Science on the Move—Exhibit Design Workshops.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 61-65.
Keywords: museums | popular sciences
Salleh, Anna. “Science in the Media: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” Australian Science Teachers' Journal 47 (November 2001): 28-30, 32-37.
Keywords: education | popular sciences
Sanderson, Rena. “Linda Hasselstrom: The Woman Rancher as Nature Writer.” In Edwards (Collections), pp. 170-177.
Keywords: environmental sciences | Linda Hasselstrom | popular sciences
Sarjeant, William A. S. “Dinosaurs in Fiction.” In Mesozoic Vertebrate Life, Darren H. Tanke and Kenneth Carpenter, eds., 504-529. Bloomington & Indianapolis: Indiana University Press, 2001.
Keywords: dinosaurs | literature—general | popular sciences
Scafella, Frank. “The Rebirth of a Scientific Intelligence: Or, From ‘Traveller' to ‘Travailler' in The Time Machine .” In Slusser (Collections), pp. 39-49.
Keywords: H. G. Wells | popular sciences
Schäffer, J. “Vom Waffenschmied zum Rinderwahn: Tiermedizin(er) in der Musik.” Historia Medicinae Veterinariae 26, nos. 3-4 (2001): 145-158.
Keywords: Albert Lortzing | medicine | music | popular sciences
Schickore, Jutta. “The Task of Explaining Sight—Helmholtz's Writings on Vision as a Test Case for Models of Science Popularization.” Science in Context 14 (2001): 397-417.
Keywords: Hermann von Helmholtz | popular sciences | vision
Schüller, Volkmar. “Samuel Clarke's Annotations in Jacques Rohault's Traité de Physique , and How They Contributed to Popularising Newton's Physics .” In Lefevre (Collections), pp. 95-110.
Keywords: Jacques Rohault | Physical Sciences | popular sciences | Samuel Clarke
Seabury, Marcia Bundy. “The Monsters We Create: Woman on the Edge of Time and Frankenstein.” Critique: Studies in Contemporary Fiction 42 (2001): 131-144.
Keywords: Marge Piercy | Mary Shelley | popular sciences
Shuttleworth, Sally, Gavin Dawson, and Richard Noakes. “Women, Science and Culture: Science in the Nineteenth-Century Periodical.” Women: A Cultural Review 12 (2001): 57-70.
Keywords: Charles Darwin | gender studies | literature—19th C | popular sciences | Science Studies
Sirabian, Robert. “The Conception of Science in Wells's The Invisible Man .” PLL 37 (2001): 382-403.
Keywords: H. G. Wells | popular sciences
Snobelen, Stephen David. “Of Stones, Men and Angels: The Competing Myth of Isabelle Duncan's Pre-Adamite Man (1860).” Studies in History and Philosophy of Biological and Biomedical Sciences 32C (2001): 59-104.
Keywords: Biology | geology | Isabelle Duncan | literature—biblical | popular sciences
Stocklmayer, Susan M., and John K. Gilbert. “Evaluating the Design of Interactive Exhibits.” In Errington (Collections), pp. 143-154.
Keywords: museums | popular sciences
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Keywords: Athanasius Kircher | popular sciences
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Keywords: Deepak Chopra | Fritjof Capra | Gary Zukav | physical & mathematical sciences | popular sciences
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Keywords: popular sciences | science fiction | technology
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Keywords: architecture | Cesare Ripa | Giovanni Pietro Gilardone | Leopoldo Pollach | medicine | Paolo Moscoli | physical & mathematical sciences | popular sciences | visual arts—18th C
Topham, Jonathan. “Scientific Publishing and the Reading of Science in Nineteenth-Century Britain: A Historiographical Survey and Guide to Sources.” Stud Hist Phil Sci 31 (2000): 559-612.
Keywords: | popular sciences
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Keywords: botany | popular sciences | zoos
Turner, Grady. “Damien Hirst: Theories, Models, Methods, Approaches, Assumptions, Results, and Findings.” Flash Art 34, no. 216 (Jan. – Feb. 2001): 98-101.
Keywords: | popular sciences
Ulman, H. Lewis. “Beyond Nature/Writing: Virtual Landscapes Online, in Print, and in ‘Real Life.'” In Armbruster (Collections), pp. 341-356.
Keywords: Computers & Digital Technology | internet | literature—20th C | popular sciences
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Keywords: Charles Brockden Brown | popular sciences
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Keywords: Christopher Marlowe | Mary Shelley | popular sciences | Robert Louis Stevenson
Wang, Hsingchi A., and William H. Schmidt. “History, Philosophy, and Sociology of Science in Science Education: Results from the Third International Mathematics and Society Study.” Science and Education 10 (January-March 2001): 51-70.
Keywords: education | popular sciences
Weiner, Gena. “Hjälte, bov eller förförare. Läkarens roller p? bioduken stereotypa men fascinerande.” Läkartidningen 98 (2001): 1814-1818, 1820.
Keywords: film/TV | medicine | popular sciences
Yanarella, Ernest J. The Cross, the Plow and the Skyline: Contemporary Science Fiction and the Ecological Imagination . Parkland, FL: Brown Walker Press, 2001.
Keywords: Edward Bellamy | environmental sciences | Frederick Turner | gardens | James Lovelock | Kim Stanley Robinson | popular sciences | science fiction
Yates, Simon, and Sharyn Errington. “Computer-Based Exhibits: A Must-Have or a Liability?” In Errington (Collections), pp. 111-114.
Keywords: Computers & Digital Technology | museums | popular sciences
York, Michael. “The Nature and Culture Debate in Popular Forms of Emergent Spirituality in America.” In Herzogenrath (Collections), pp. 277-296.
Keywords: Environmental Science | folklore | popular sciences | Sigmund Freud
Zytaruk, Maria. “'Occasional specimens, not compleate systemes ': John Evelyn's Culture of Collecting.” Bodleian Library Record 17, nos. 3-4 (2001): 185-212.
Keywords: John Evelyn | popular sciences

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