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Ahlbach, Pia. “The Poetics of Industrial Place: Toward an Environmental Imagology.” In Gill (Collections), 295-306.
Keywords: literature—general | technology
Aldiss, Brian W. “Doomed Formicary versus the Technological Sublime.” In Slusser (Collections), pp. 188-194.
Keywords: H. G. Wells | technology
Aloff, Mindy. “Urban Legend.” Metropolis 20 (May 2001); 92-96, 101, 103.
Keywords: architecture | James Renwick | Marcel Duchamp | Paul Mazursky | technology
Bann, Stephen. Parallel Lines: Printmakers, Painters and Photographers in Nineteenth-Century France. New Haven, CT, and London: Yale University Press, 2001.
Keywords: Carle Verner | Horace Verner | Jean-Dominique Ingres | Louis Henriquel-Dupont | Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre | Luigi Calamatta | Nicéphore Niépce | Paul Delaroche | Paul Mercuri | photography | technology | visual arts—19th C
Bessire, François. “Voltaire architect.” In Bertaux (Collections) , pp. 49-62.
Keywords: architecture | technology | Voltaire
Biffi, Marco. “Sulla formazione del lessico architettonico italiano: la terminologia dell'ordine ionico nei testi di Francesco di Giorgio Martini.” In Gualdo (Collections) , pp. 253-291.
Keywords: architecture | Francesco di Giorgio Martini | Leon Battista Alberti | technology
Bloom, Jonathan M. Paper Before Print: The History and Impact of Paper in the Islamic World. New Haven, CN: Yale University Press, 2001.
Keywords: social sciences | technology
Blühm, Andreas. Light!: The Industrial Age 1750-1900: Art and Science, Technology and Society. Exh. cat. New York: Thames and Hudson, 2001.
Keywords: electricity | technology | visual arts--18th &19th C
Boger, Astrid. People's Lives Public Images: The New Deal Documentary Aesthetic. Tübingen: Narr, 2001.
Keywords: film/TV | literature—20th C | photography | technology
Bolzoni, Lina. The Gallery of Memory: Literary and Iconographic Models in the Age of the Printing Press. Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2001.
Keywords: literature--16th C | technology | visual arts—16th C
Burke, Peter. Eyewitnessing: The Uses of Images as Historical Evidence. Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press, 2001.
Keywords: film/TV | photography | technology
Butler, Cornelia. “Between Science and Wonder.” In Wagner (Collections), 7 pages (unnumbered).
Keywords: Biological Sciences | Catherine Wagner | technology
Callebot, Louis. “ Fabrica et ratiocination dans le De Architectura de Vitruve.” In Courrent (Collections), pp. 145-154.
Keywords: architecture | technology | Vitruvius
Campbell, Timothy Charles. Wireless Writing: Poetry in the Age of Marconi . Ph.D. Dissertation: Columbia University, 2001.
Keywords: apocalypse | Delmore Schwarz | Edwin Armstrong | Ezra Pound | Filippo Tommaso Marinetti | Gabriele D'Annunzio | gramophone | Guglielmo Marconi | poetry | radio | rhetoric of science | technology | time
Carlson, W. Bernard. “The Telephone as Political Instrument: Gardiner Hubbard and the Formation of the Middle Class in America, 1875-1880.” In Allen (Collections), pp. 25-55.
Keywords: Alexander Graham Bell | Gardiner Hubbard | technology | telegraph | telephone | William Orton
Carpo, Mario. Architecture in the Age of Printing: Orality, Writing, Typography and Printed Images in the History of Architectural Theory. Trans. by Sarah Benson. Cambridge, MA & London: MIT Press, 2001.
Keywords: aesthetics | architecture | technology
Carter, Ian. Railways and Culture in Britain: The Epitome of Modernity. Manchester and New York: Manchester University Press, 2001.
Keywords: Arnold Bennett | Charles Dickens | Eric Ravilious | Émile Zola | Lev Tolstoi | railroads | technology | visual arts—19th C | William Heath Robinson
Cárcamo Huechante, Luis Ernesto. “MEDIAted Memory: Writing, Photography, and Performativity in the Age of Image.” In Paz (Collections), pp. 103-116.
Keywords: photography | Richard Nelly | technology
Chaplin, Joyce E. Subject Matter: Technology, the Body, and Science on the Anglo-American Frontier, 1500-1676. Cambridge, MA, and London: Harvard University Press, 2001.
Keywords: colonialism | Discover | exploration discovery & travel | medicine | minority studies | race studies | technology
Childers, Joseph W. “Industrial Culture and the Victorian Novel.” In David (Collections), pp. 77-97.
Keywords: Charles Dickens | Charles Kingsley | Elizabeth C. Gaskell | George Eliot | social sciences | technology
Claudon, Francis, and Andrée Mansau. “Stendhal et l'architecture: de Rome à Toulouse.” In Bertaux (Collections) , pp. 379-391.
Keywords: architecture | Stendhal (Henri Beyle) | technology
Colomina, Beatriz. “Enclosed by Images: The Eameses' Multimedia Architecture.” Grey Room 2 (Winter 2001): 6-29.
Keywords: architecture | Charles Eames | design | film/TV | Ray Kaiser | technology | visual arts--20th C
Conologue, William. “Managing the Farm, Educating the Farmer: O Pioneers! and the New Agriculture.” Great Plains Quarterly 21 (Winter 2001): 3-15.
Keywords: agriculture | technology | Willa Cather
Coste, Claude. “La cathédrale en musique.” In Prungnaud (Collections), pp. 263-273.
Keywords: architecture | music | technology
Courrént, Mireille. “La construction du savoir par la confrontation interdisciplinaire: l'imaginaire vitruvien.” In Courrent (Collections), pp. 123-143.
Keywords: architecture | rhetoric of science | technology | Vitruvius
Crivellari, Fabio. "Der Mensch als Bauruine. Zur Geschichte der Robotik zwischen Mensch, Natur und Maschine." In Kleeberg (Collections), pp. 115 –150.
Keywords: cyborgs | robotics | technology
Danius, Sara. “Orpheus and the Machine: Proust as Theorist of Technological Change, and the Case of Joyce.” FMLS 37 (2001): 127-140.
Keywords: James Joyce | Marcel Proust | technology
Danius, Sara. “The Aesthetics of the Windshield: Proust and the Modernist Rhetoric of Speed.” Mo/Mo 8 (January 2001): 99-126.
Keywords: automobile | John Ruskin | Marcel Proust | technology
Decherney, Peter. Imagining the Archive: Film Collecting in America Before MoMA. Ph.D. Dissertation: New York University, 2001.
Keywords: Harry Alan Potamkin | Iris Barry | modernism | museums | photography | technology | Vachel Lindsay | visual arts—general
DeWitt, John. Cool Cars, High Art: The Rise of Kustom Kulture . Jackson, MS: University Press of Mississippi, 2001.
Keywords: popular sciences | technology | visual arts—20th C
Dowd, Garin. “The Abstract Literary Machine: Guattari, Deleuze and Beckett's The Lost Ones .” FMLS 204-217.
Keywords: Félix Guattari | Gilles Deleuze | Samuel Beckett | technology
Downing, Eric. “Paraphotography and the Ent-wicklung of Bildung in Thomas Mann's Der Zauberberg.” GR 76 (2001): 172-191.
Keywords: photography | technology | Thomas Mann
Dyens, Ollivier. Metal and Flesh: The Evolution of Man: Technology Takes Over. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2001.
Keywords: Biological Sciences | cybernetics | evolution | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences | technology
Eckdahl, Todd T., and Edward A. Malone. “Technology and Society: Redefining Human Life. Characterizing Life in the Age of Modern Technology.” Journal of College Science Teaching 30 (December 2000-January 2001): 262-266.
Keywords: literature—general | pedagogy | technology
Egginton, William. “Reality is Bleeding: A Brief History of Film from the Sixteenth Century.” Configurations 9 (2001): 207-229.
Keywords: film/TV | technology
Eigen, Edward. “Dark Space and the Early Days of Photography as a Medium.” Grey Room 3 (Spring 2001): 90-111.
Keywords: optics | photography | technology | visual arts--19th C
Emery, Elizabeth. Romancing the Cathedral: Gothic Architecture in Fin-de-Siècle French Culture . Albany, NY: University of New York Press, 2001.
Keywords: architecture | literature—19th C | technology
Eriksen, Roy. The Building in the Text: Alberti to Shakespeare and Milton . University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 2001.
Keywords: architecture | Filippo Brunelleschi | Giorgio Vasari | John Milton | Leon Battista Alberti | Ludovico Ariosto | Michelangelo | technology | Torquato Tasso | William Shakespeare
Espósito, Alberto Martín. “El tiempo suspendido. Fotografia y narración.” In Molinuevo (Collections), pp. 169-180.
Keywords: narrative | photography | technology
Fontenay, Pierre. “La cathédrale selon John Ruskin (1819-1900): Gothique et imaginaire.” In Prungnaud (Collections), pp. 69-75.
Keywords: architecture | John Ruskin | technology
Franci, Giovanna. “Modernity in American Deco: A Dream of Words and Images.” In Carpi (Collections), pp. 75-87.
Keywords: architecture | film/TV | literature—20th C | technology
Frank, Adam. “Emily Dickinson and Photography.” EDJ 10, no. 2 (2001): 1-21.
Keywords: Emily Dickinson | photography | technology
Gallo, Rubén. “'The Madness of Radio': Wireless Adventures in 1920s Mexico.” Studies in Latin American Popular Culture 20 (2001): 51-68.
Keywords: literature—20th C | radio | technology
Galluzzi, Paolo. Renaissance Engineers from Brunelleschi to Leonardo da Vinci. Florence: Giunti, 1996; 2001.
Keywords: architecture | Filippo Brunelleschi | Leonardo da Vinci | technology | visual arts—Renaissance
Giggie, John M. “'When Jesus Handed Me a Ticket': Images of Railroad Travel and Spiritual Transformation among African Americans.” In The Visual Culture of American Religions, David Morgan and Sally M. Promey, eds., 249-266. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press, 2001.
Keywords: folklore | music | railroad | technology | visual arts—19th C
Goodwin, Jason. Otis: Giving Rise to the Modern City. Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2001.
Keywords: architecture | Elisha Otis | Science Studies | technology
Gouk, Penelope. “Making Music, Making Knowledge: The Harmonoius Universe of Athanasius Kircher.” In Stolzenberg (Collections), pp. 71-83.
Keywords: Athanasius Kircher | music | technology
Grajeda, Anthony Alfonso. Machines of the Audible: A Cultural History of Sound, Technology, and a Listening Subject . Ph.D. Dissertation: University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, 2001.
Keywords: aesthetics | electronics | film/TV | modernity | phonograph | physical & mathematical sciences | Psychological & Cognitive Sciences | radio | social sciences | sound | technology
Green-Lewis, Jennifer. “Not Fading Away: Photography in the Age of Oblivion.” NCC 22 (2001): 559-585.
Keywords: photography | physical & mathematical sciences | technology
Guillerm, Jean-Pierre. “Le dome et ses fantasmes: Quelques cathédrales byzantines visitées par Gautier, Taine et Ruskin (1849-1867).” In Prungnaud (Collections) , pp. 77-86.
Keywords: architecture | Hippolyte Taine | John Ruskin | technology | Théophile Gautier
Hallissy, Margaret. “Reading the Plans: The Architectural Drawings in Umberto Eco's The Name of the Rose.” Studies in Contemporary Fiction 42 (2001): 271-286.
Keywords: architecture | technology | Umberto Eco
Hamilton, Peter, and Roger Hargreaves. The Beautiful and the Damned: The Creation of Identity in Nineteenth Century Photography. Aldershot, Hampshire, UK: Lund Humphries; London: In association with the National Portrait Gallery, 2001.
Keywords: exhibitions | National Portrait Gallery | photography | portraits | social sciences | technology | visual arts—19th C
Hamon, Philippe. “Littérature et architecture: divisions et distinctions. Quelques généralités.” In Bertaux (Collections) , pp. 313-321.
Keywords: architecture | literature—general | technology
Hayes, Jeffrey R. “Dr. Evermor's Machine on the Prairie: Art, History, and the Mirror Eye.” SoQ 39 (2001): 112-135.
Keywords: museums | technology | Thomas Owen Every
Hickman, Larry. Philosophical Tools for Technological Culture: Putting Pragmatism to Work. Bloomington, IN: Indiana University Press, 2001.
Keywords: philosophy | Science Studies | technology
Hobhouse, Hermione. The Crystal Palace and the Great Exhibition: Art, Science, and Productive Industry: A History of the Royal Commission for the Exhibition of 1851. New York: Athlone Press, 2001.
Keywords: architecture | Great Exhibition | technology | visual arts—19th C
Hockney, David. Secret Knowledge: Rediscovering the Lost Techniques of the Old Masters. New York: Viking Studio, 2001.
Keywords: camera lucida | camera obscura | optics | technology | visual arts--14th – 20th C
Holland, Owen. “From the Imitation of Life to Machine Consciousness.” In Gomi (Collections), pp. 1-37.
Keywords: Grey Walter | robotics | technology
Hong, Sungook. Wireless: From Marconi's Black-box to the Audion. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2001.
Keywords: audion | Guglielmo Marconi | radio | technology
Hurst, Matthias. “Mittelbarkeit, Perspektive, Subjektivität: Über das narrative Potential des Spielfilms.” In Helbig (Collections) , pp. 233-251 .
Keywords: film/TV | technology
Janson, Alban, et al. “Mentale Strahlen.” Architekt no. 5 (May 2001): 15-54.
Keywords: architecture | literature—general | technology
Jarauta, Francisco. “Ruskin: El aura de Venecia.” RO 239 (March 2001): 121-133.
Keywords: architecture | John Ruskin | technology
Jardine, Lisa. “Monuments and Microscopes: Scientific Thinking on a Grand Scale in the Early Royal Society.” Notes and Records of the Royal Society of London 55 (2001): 289-308.
Keywords: architecture | Christopher Wren | Robert Hooke | Royal Society | technology
Jones, Russell Douglass. Engineering History: The Foundation of Industrial Museums in the United States. Ph.D. Dissertation: Case Western Reserve University, 2001.
Keywords: engineering | museums | natural science | pedagogy | rhetoric of science | Smithsonian Institution | social sciences | technology
Kilgore, De Witt Douglas. “A Sense of Adventure.” In Belloli (Collections), pp. 108-115.
Keywords: film/TV | technology
Kite, Stephen. “Architecture as Virtù: Adrian Stokes, Ezra Pound and the Critics of ‘Patterned Energy.'” Journal of Architecture 6 (Spring 2001): 81-96.
Keywords: Adrian Stokes | aesthetics | architecture | Ezra Pound | John Ruskin | technology | urban studies
Kittler, Friedrich A. “Perspective and the Book.” Grey Room 5 (Fall 2001): 38-53.
Keywords: camera obcura | cryptography | geometry | Giorgio Vasari | Marshall McLuhan | perspective | technology | typography | visual arts—Renaissance
Krauss, Rolf H. “'Reisen im neuen Styl': Die Eisenbahn im Werk Friedrich Wilhelm Hackländers (1816-1877).” LiLi: Zeitschrift für Literaturwissenschaft und Linguistik 31 (September 2001): 9-31.
Keywords: Friedrich Wilhelm von Hackländer | railroad | technology
Lambert, Larry Lee. Invoking the Machine: The Rhetorical Appeal to Machine Technology in American Whig Discourse. Ph.D. Dissertation: Indiana University, 2001.
Keywords: Daniel Webster | Edward Everett | rhetoric of science | social sciences | technology
Lee, Pamela. “ ‘Ultramoderne': Or How George Kubler Stole Time in Sixties Art.” Grey Room 2 (Winter 2001): 46-77.
Keywords: George Kubler | John Baldessari | Norbert Weiner | Robert Smithson | technology | theory | visual arts--20th C
Lioure, Michel. “Paul Claudel et l'architecture.” In Bertaux (Collections), pp. 429-435.
Keywords: architecture | Paul Claudel | technology
Little, Deandra Javon. 'The Body Electric': American Literature and the Culture of Electromagnetism, 1750—1855. Ph.D. Dissertation: Vanderbilt University, 2001.
Keywords: Benjamin Franklin | Charles Brockden Brown | electricity | electromagnetism | gender studies | literature--18th & 19th C | Margaret Fuller | medicine | metaphor | Nathaniel Hawthorne | popular sciences | Ralph Waldo Emerson | technology | visual arts—18th & 19th C
Lobel, Michael. “Technology Envisioned: Lichtenstein's Monocularity.” Oxford Art Journal 24 (2001): 131-154.
Keywords: | technology
Long, Pamela O. Openness, Secrecy, Authorship: Technical Arts and the Culture of Knowledge from Antiquity to the Renaissance . Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2001.
Keywords: rhetoric of science | Science Studies | social sciences | technology
Losada Goya, José Manuel. “Victor Hugo ou les paradoxes de l'architecture: du livre de Pierre au livre de papier.” In Bertaux (Collections), pp. 163-171.
Keywords: architecture | technology | Victor Hugo
Lott, Sydney. “Gissing and the Railways.” GissingJ 37 (October 2001): 28-32.
Keywords: George Gissing | railroad | technology
Lowe, Charles. “'A Complete Diorama': The Art of Restoration in Hardy's The Return of the Native.” Hardy Review 4 (Winter 2001): 148-155.
Keywords: architecture | technology | Thomas Hardy
Lowengard, Sarah. “Colour Quality and Production: Testing Colour in Eighteenth-Century France.” Journal of Design History 14, no. 2 (2001): 91-103.
Keywords: color | industrial production | technology | visual arts--18th C
Mack, Raneta Lawson. The Digital Divide: Standing at the Intersection of Race and Technology. Durham, NC: Carolina Academic Press, 2001.
Keywords: information technology | race studies | social sciences | technology
Mahlke, Regina, Veronika Mantel, and Niels Schuldt. “Technik.” In Mahlke (Collections) , pp. 115-137.
Keywords: | technology
Majander, Antii. “Bilen som drivkraft I nagra nya finska roaner: Drommar pa hjul / Cars Play a Big Part in Recent Finnish Novels: Dreams on Wheels.” Trans. Monica Sonck and Nicholas Mayow. Nordisk Litteratur/Nordic Literature (2001): 62-66.
Keywords: automobile | literature—20th C | technology
Marcus, Sharon. “Haussmannization as Anti-Modernity: The Apartment House in Parisian Urban Discourse, 1850-1880.” Journal of Urban History 27 (2001): 723-745.
Keywords: architecture | Baron | George Eugène Haussmann | literature—19th C | technology | urban studies
Matarrese, Tina. “La scrittura techno-scientifica ‘cortigiana': un testo d'architectura nella Ferrara quattro-cinquecentesca.” In Gualdo (Collections), pp. 243-252.
Keywords: architecture | Leon Battista Alberti | technology
McKay, Diane Lynn. Manufacturing War: Technology and Literary Production in the United States, 1917—1935. Ph.D. Dissertation: Duke University, 2001.
Keywords: aesthetics | allegory | Arthur Guy Empey | aviation | gender studies | literature--20th C | Muriel Rukeyser | narrative | poetry | popular sciences | propaganda | pulp magazines | social sciences | technology | war
Meaux, Daniele. “Écriture et photographie dans l'oeuvre de Marguerite Duras.” In Duras, femme de siècle, Stella Harvey, ed., 145-159. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2001.
Keywords: Marguerite Duras | photography | technology
Menin, Sarah. “Relating the Past: The Creativity of Sibelius and Aalto.” Ptah no. 1 (2001): 32-44.
Keywords: aesthetics | Alvar Aalto | Jean Sibelius | technology
Mikkonen, Kai. The Plot Machine: The French Novel and the Bachelor Machines in the Electric Years (1880-1914). Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, 2001.
Keywords: Alfred Jarry | Auguste de Villiers de l'Isle-Adam | electricity | Émile Zola | Jules Verne | railroads | Raymond Roussel | technology | Thomas Alva Edison
Mitchell, Robert. “'Here Is Thy Fitting Temple': Science, Technology and Fiction in Shelley's Queen Mab.” RoN (February 2001): no pagination.
Keywords: Percy Bysshe Shelle | technology
Molinuevo, José Luis. “Hacia una estética de las nuevas tecnologias.” In Molinuevo (Collections) , pp. 51-79.
Keywords: aesthetics | technology
Mondado, Francesco, and Skye Legon. “Interactions between Art and Mobile Robotic System Engineering.” In Gomi (Collection ) , pp. 121-137.
Keywords: robotics | technology | visual arts—20th C
Nazre, Joe. “Backtrack to the Future: John E. Stith's/John Dos Passos's Manhattan Transfer.” Extrapolation 42 (2001): 37-52.
Keywords: John Dos Passos | John E. Stith | technology
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Keywords: Aleksandr Melent'evich Volkov | aviation | L. Frank Baum | technology
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Keywords: photography | technology
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Keywords: Charles Dickens | photography | technology
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Keywords: Bram Stoker | Camillo Golgi | Charles Babbage | electricity | George Eliot | Hermann von Helmholtz | language | Mark Twain | medicine | metaphor | railroads | Santiago Ramón y Cajal | technology | telegraph
Otis, Laura. “The Other End of the Wire: Uncertainties of Organic and Telegraphic Communication.” Configurations 9 (2001): 181-206.
Keywords: Charles Barnard | Hermann von Helmholtz | I. A. Churchill | J. M. Maclachlen | medicine | technology | telegraph
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Keywords: architecture | Paul Valéry | technology
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Keywords: conceptual art | intermedia works | Jaroslaw Kozlowski | linguistics | Stanislaw Drozdz | technology | visual arts--20th C | Wlodzimierz Borowski
Pauwels, Yves. “Philibert De L'Orme rabelaisien?” In Bertaux (Collections), pp. 25-35.
Keywords: François Rabelai | Philippe de L'Orme | technology
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Keywords: literature—19th C | optics | technology
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Keywords: Charles Dickens | railroads | technology
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Keywords: literature—children's | technology | visual arts—20th C
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Keywords: architecture | literature—19th C | technology
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Keywords: film/TV | technology
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Keywords: education | pedagogy | technology
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Keywords: narrative | rhetoric of science | technology | virtual reality
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Keywords: AIDS | medicine | metaphor | Ron Athey | technology
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Keywords: technology | urban studies
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Keywords: Julio Cortázar | photography | technology | urban studies
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Keywords: architecture | Computers and Ditigal Technology | internet | rhetoric of science | technology
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Keywords: railroads | technology | visual arts—19th & 20th C
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Keywords: Leonardo da Vinci | technology
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Keywords: architecture | Arhitecture Principe | technology | telecommunications | visual arts--20th C
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Keywords: | technology
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Keywords: science fiction | technology
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Keywords: technology | Virginia Woolf | X-rays
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Keywords: electricity | Ralph Waldo Emerson | Samuel Taylor Coleridge | technology
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Keywords: Edward Kennard | technology
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Keywords: architecture | gardens | Hermann von Helmholtz | Karl Friedrich Schinkel | technology
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Keywords: J. J. Youn | railroads | technology
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Keywords: internet | rhetoric of science | social sciences | technology
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Keywords: gender studies | literature--19th C & 20th C | popular sciences | social sciences | technology | visual arts—19th & 20th C
Wurtzler, Steve James. The Social Construction of Technological Change: American Mass Media and the Advent of Electrical Sound Technology. Ph. D. Dissertation: University of Iowa, 2001.
Keywords: film/TV | phonograph | radio | technology

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