Award Winners

SLSA awards/prizes (dates indicate date awarded, not necessarily publication date)

Schachterle Prize (best essay by a member who is an untenured scholar)

  • John Hay, “A Poet of the Land: William Cullen Bryant and Moundbuilder Ecology, ” 2016

  • Debapriya Sarkar, “‘Sad Experiment’ in Paradise Lost: Epic Knowledge and Evental Poetics,” 2015
  • Inge Hinterwaldner, “Parallel Lines as Tools of Making Turbulence Visible,” 2014

  • Bradley Fest, “The Inverted Nuke in the Garden: Archival Emergence and Anti-Eschatology in David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest”, 2013
  • Kieran Murphy, “Electromagnetic Thoughts in Balzac, Villiers de Isle-Adam, and Joseph Breuer”, 2012
  • Bernard Geoghegan, “From Information Theory to French Theory: Jakobsen, Levi-Strauss, and the Cybernetic Apparatus”, 2011
  • Catherine Belling, “Narrating Oncogenesis”, 2010
  • (Shared) Allison de Fren, “The Anatomical Gaze in Tomorrow’s Eve”, and Mara Mills “Deaf Jam: From Inscription to Reproduction to Information”, 2009
  • (Shared) Joseph Drury, “Haywood’s Thinking Machines”, and John Shanahan, “Ben Jonson’s Alchemist and Early Modern Laboratory Space”, 2008
  • Henning Schmidgen, “The Donders Machine: Matter, Signs, and Time in a Physiological Experiment”, 2007
  • Susan McHugh, “The Call of the Other 0.1%: Genetic Aesthetics and the new Moreaus”, 2006
  • Richard Menke, “Media in America, 1881: Garfield, Guiteau, Bell, Whitman”, 2005
  • Dennis Desroches, “Phenomenology, Science Studies, and the Question of Being”, 2004
  • Maura Brady, “Galileo in Action: The Telescope in Paradise Lost”, 2003
  • Sujata Iyengar, “Royalist, Romanticist, Racialist: Rank, Gender, and Race in the Science and Fiction of Margaret Cavendish”, 2002
  • Mark Hansen, “Embodying Virtual Reality: Touch and Self-Movement in the Work of Char Davies”, 2001
  • Richard Menke, “Fiction as Vivisection: G. H. Lewes and George Eliot”, 2000
  • Jennifer Tuttle, “Rewriting the West Cure: Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Owen Wister, and the Sexual Politics of Neurasthenia”, 1999

 Edwin Bruns Prize (best essay by a graduate student member)

  • Michelle Huang, “Ecologies of Entanglement in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” 2016

  • Brittany Roberts for her essay “Touching Bare Life in the ‘Corridor of Absolute Dying’: Biopolitics, Necrorealism, and Resistance in Evgenii Iufit’s ‘Spring,’” 2015
  • Julian Gill-Peterson,“The Technical Capabilities of the Body: Assembling Race, Technology, and Transgender”, 2014
  • Aleksandra Hernandez, “William Carlos Williams’s Spring and All and the Poetics of Noise”, 2013
  • Karalyn Kendall-Morwick, “Dogging the Subject: Samuel Beckett, Emmanuel Levinas, and Posthumanist Ethics”, 2012
  • Jessica Kuskey, “Our Mutual Engine”, 2011
  • David Cecchetto, “Performing Deconstruction: Posthumanism, Primary Affectivity and Mark Hansen’s Media Theory”, 2010
  • Stephanie Boluk, “Seriality, the Literary and Database in Homestar Runner: Some Old Issues in New Media”, 2009
  • Sean Miller, “Imagining Braneworlds in String Theory Technical Discourse”, 2008
  • Bernard Geoghegan, “Against Embodiment: Gesture Amidst Technics and Embodied Agents”, 2007
  • Vera Bühlmann, “Intelligent Skin: Real Virtual”, 2006
  • Benjamin Robertson, “On Moral Science: The Problematic Politics of Stuart Kauffman’s Order”, 2005
  • Jodie Nicotra, “Darwinian Seductions: John Campbell, Samuel Butler, and the Rhetoric of Fascination”, 2004
  • Colin Milburn, “Nanotechnology in the Age of Posthuman Engineering: Science Fiction and Science”, 2003
  • Benjamin Cohen, “The Element of the Table: Reading and Representing the Visual Discourse of Chemical Practices”, 2002
  • Carol Wald, “The Fairy in the Net: Agency, Class, and Evolution in the Letters of Ada Byron Lovelace”, 2001
  • Rebecca Knell, 2000
  • Douglas Davis, “A Hundred Million Hydrogen Bombs: The Cold-War Science of Geological Catastrophism”, 1999

Kendrick Prize (best book published by a member)

  • Stefan Helmreich, Sounding the Limits of Life: Essays in the Anthropology of Biology and Beyond, 2016

  • Gillen D’Arcy Wood, Tambora: The Eruption that Changed the World, 2015

  • Robert Mitchell, Experimental Life: Vitalism in Romantic Science and Literature, 2014
  • Catherine Belling, A Condition of Doubt: The Meaning of Hypochrondria, 2013
  • Susan McHugh, Animal Stories: Narrating across Species Lines, 2012
  • Susan Squier, Poultry Science, Chicken Culture: A Partial Alphabet, 2011
  • Laura Dassow Walls, The Passage to Cosmos: Alexander von Humboldt and the Shaping of America, 2010
  • Stefan Andriopoulos, Possessed: Hypnotic Crimes, Corporate Fiction, and the Invention of Cinema, 2009
  • Ralph O’Connor, The Earth on Show: Fossils and the Poetics of Popular Science, 2008
  • Barbara Maria Stafford, Echo Objects: The Cognitive Work of Images, 2007

SLSA Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Sidney Perkowitz, 2015
  • Linda Dalrymple Henderson, 2014
  • Katherine Hayles, 2013
  • George Lewis Levine, 2012
  • Friedrich Kittler, 2011
  • Barbara Herrnstein Smith, 2010